i’m alive…

Not that I really thought any of you believed otherwise.

While I haven’t been posting, I have indeed been keeping up on all of your lives, fellow bloggers.  I get my daily fixes in on my commutes and at random times during the day, by reading your blogs on Google Reader.

My absence of posting on here can best be blamed on just being super busy at work.  I do pretty much all of my blog writing at work.  (shh! don’t tell!)  As my job has actually required me to put in a crazy amount of work this past month, I have been neglecting you all.  My apologies!  Today I had a bit of a reprieve, hence this post.  I am working on another one to update you all of what I’ve been up to for the past month.

But just wanted to let you all know that I am indeed alive and kicking.  Just a bit exhausted.  From work mostly, but also from life keeping me busy (in a good way).

I’ll post soon about upcoming vacation plans, my wine and cheese intake, my (non) running, and of course, what’s going on with St. Elmo (all good).

Have a great night, bloggy friends!



  1. Thank god you still have wine and cheese. Oh, and that all is good with St. Elmo. 😉

    • Seriously, THANK GOD for wine and cheese. I’d be a basketcase without them! 🙂

  2. Amy

    I blog a lot at work too. I really need to stop that. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tracked (and actually cared) what we’re doing online. :-/

    And I need to find a good wine! Everyone seems to be a wine drinker. I just can’t get into it? Any recommendations? I don’t like dry wine and that seems to be what I end up trying half the time.

    • Yeah, I prob need to stop blogging while at work, but I won’t 😉

      As for wine…I’ve yet to meet a wine I didn’t like! Well, actually, I have met a few. But if you don’t want dry… with whites, you can go for Reisling or for red, Lambrusco (they tend to be more fruity). I like Pinot Noirs because they are lighter and I can toss those bad boys back like water. Same with Zinfandels. You should grab a few friends, and throw a wine tasting party. That way you can try different wines and figure out which one you like best. And you’ll have fun with your friends. Or, and I do this all the time, ask for suggestions at the wine store.

  3. It’s about flippin’ time Amy! We’ve been worried sick! And yes, wine and cheese and St Elmo ….. all good things 🙂

  4. Glad you’re alive! 🙂

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