randoms…may 23rd

Nothing really new to report.

This past Saturday morning was the Brooklyn Half Marathon that I was supposed to run and kick ass in.  However, my bunk ankle prevented me from doing it.  Argh!

I did see Bridesmaids this weekend.  Hysterical movie.

At our usual neighborhood bar, my friend and I were both hit on by a 24 year old and 27 year old, respectively.  HAHA.  Neither one of us had any interest, but it was nice to know that *we still got it* (what “it” actually is is always up for debate…)

I have a four day work week this week and then it’s 10 blissful days off of work…ahhhhhhh yes!

I have finally scheduled a much needed massage for Friday to kick off my 10 day vacation.  I really don’t know what took me so long as my back, shoulders, neck are in complete knots and actually hurt.

That’s all I got.



  1. I saw Bridesmaids this weekend, too! OMG – I have not laughed that hard in SO long! I was in desperate need for that kind of laughter. Such a good flick, glad you enjoyed!

    We must be in sync, because I’m headed out on vacation for the holiday weekend as well. Hope you have a fabulous vacation and get the rest/relaxation you’ve been looking for!

    • I hope you, too, have an incredible vacation! Thanks!!! xoxo

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