for a smart girl, i’m really NOT that smart sometimes

I am probably the worst person when it comes to taking care of myself (when injured or sick).  I will go into work with full-on tonsilitis because there’s work to be done.  I will ignore flu symptoms and subject my co-workers (much to their chagrin) to my germs just because there’s a project that’s due.

This weekend and first half of this week, I have failed to let a sprained ankle slow me down.  OK, maybe Saturday I spent the majority of the day in my apt, but I was still hobbling around instead of just sitting, resting, and keeping it elevated.

On Sunday, I brilliantly went out to breakfast and walked around in the morning.  Then in the afternoon walked to Central Park (about 3/4 of a mile round trip) to spend a few hours with a friend to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

On Monday, I hobbled into work, hobbled out of work, hobbled to dinner, hobbled home.

Tuesday, I hobbled to and from work.  When I get home, take a look at my ankle and see purple.  A whole lot of purple.  The swelling went down some, but it’s still there…

taken with iPhone, so quality/color isn't great

the other side of my ankle

Today, again hobbled to work.  The past two days it didn’t really hurt when I walked.  It only bothered me going up and down stairs.  Now, it actually hurts when I walk.  And going up and down stairs is a little like torture.

Think I could actually take proper care of my injury like a normal person should?  Nope.

I am a grade-A dumbass.



  1. That looks bad!! It must hurt. Message the ankle when it hurts. Please take some rest:)

  2. firecracker3

    I push myself too, it isn’t about being a dumbass. If everytime everyone of us had some issue took it “easy” nothing would get done in the world 🙂 The world needs people like us! We get shit done! 🙂

  3. Porkpiesandheartache

    Holy crap that looks horrific! How on earth did you get it into this state?! Rest up you silly woman 😉

  4. When you said you sprained/hurt your ankle…THIS is not what I pictured. Holy crap! I’m not good at taking it easy either, but you should probably take care of this. Elevation and icing, please! Otherwise, your return to running and regular activity will take longer than you’d like (which I know you know already). Hope it heals fast!

  5. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Er, Amy, does your good job not provide health insurance? Get thee and that awesome looking ankle to a doctor before you do some real damage, my friend.

  6. I put my arm through a glass window and cut myself to the bone but told people I didn’t need to go to the hospital because I could slap a band-aid on it and everything would be OK. STUPID. I have the lamest scar on my arm and for what? Me being a HUGE dumb ass.

    Get your ass to the doctor and take a day (or 3) off work!!!

  7. prettylittlereckless

    omg… girl you need to rest up a bit! Your body is definitely trying to tell you to sloooooow down!

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