yeah, only me

I’m a 100% certifiable…

…wait for it…

…might not be what you think…

…or, probably it is…

…klutz.  You thought I’d say something like “crazy cat lady”, right?  Well, yes, I am that, too.  But first and foremost, I am a klutz.

I have had some fantastic falls in my life-to-date.  I typically fall a few times a year.  Most of the time I don’t get hurt.  I might wind up with a big bruise or a skinned knee, but nothing serious.  With all of my experience falling, I have learned how to fall (for the most part) without injuring myself.  Half the time I fall, it happens so quick that I don’t even have time to brace myself, so I let myself fall without damage.

Then there are those times when I’m walking along, just drop and yes, damage is done.

Last Friday night was one such night.  After too many glasses of wine, teetering around on platform wedge sandals, I took a nice little spill attempting to cross a street on my way to another bar.  I got about as far as stepping off the curb in between two parked cars and found myself on the ground, ankle twisted.  Oy vey.

Now I’m sporting a lovely purple and swollen ankle.  I was supposed to run in the NYRR Japan Day 4-mile race on Sunday.  I did not participate.  Another weekend down the toilet in terms of getting my run on in preparation for the Brooklyn Half in TWO weeks.  It really looks more and more like I will be unlikely to do it.  I have a 10K next weekend.  Hopefully my ankle will be fully healed.

Maybe one day, I’ll finally learn how to walk.  Fingers crossed, people!

(((rolling my eyes, shaking my head)))



  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    I think we’re kindred spirits Amy. I’M the world’s biggest clutz (as proven at least once a week). I hope your ankle heals quickly. I have heard that applying wine internally helps the healing process. I’m just sayin’ ……..

  2. Ugh, that is unfun! But yes, I’ve been known to trip/fall on occasion. Last year, while on a 10 mile run (that was going really well), I tripped over a grate on the trail. And I mean TRIPPED! I went flying across the sidewalk and tumbled. Total damage? Bloodied, cut, and swollen elbow, scraped knees/hips/arms, and very injured pride. (luckily some bikers saw it happen and made sure I was ok) Being the freak I am…I still finished the run. 😉

    Take it easy – and I agree with Grey’s recommendation of wine!

    • I agree with you both on the wine point…however, wine did contribute to my fall, soooo….might have to rethink that. Maybe I should stick to other cocktails or beer?

  3. Esme

    I fall down stairs…often. I have to pep talk myself before I walk up and down them. I fell as recently as three weeks ago!


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