confession #3: my new pj’s

Confession #3: I wear his boxer shorts to bed.

This is a sort of new development.  It began the day after my birthday.  I remembered that he left some clothes at my place.  To be completely truthful, they are the most comfy things to sleep in.  I remember in college and right after college, I used to buy GAP or J.Crew boxers to wear to sleep.  It’s kinda like that.  Except I didn’t buy these.  I’m not wearing them to feel closer to him or because I can’t let go.  It’s really that they are more comfortable than any of the shorts I own (which are either running shorts or other workout-type shorts).


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  1. Girl. Step away from the boxers…you have to let them go. Throw them away, send them back to him, whatever, just get them out of your house!

    You want comfy boxers, I’ve never felt anything as soft as some of the stuff at Victoria’s Secret. Seriously.

    You might not be wearing them to feel closer to him or because you can’t let go. But you are going to make yourself crazy…unconsciously. You HAVE to get rid of them. Hide his photos. Please.

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