another year down

This weekend (specifically Sunday) was my 36th birthday.  Happy freakin’ birthday to me!

This isn’t going to be a ranting post about how I’m one year older, one year more senile, one year closer to dying alone, an old maid, in my apartment and being eaten by my cat…

No, this is going to be about how much FUN I had on Saturday with my girls!

I started the day with a “run” in Central Park.  I used quotes because what I actually did probably can’t be described as running.  It was more like jog, walk, jog, walk, jog, walk, jog, walk, stop and get coffee.  But anyhoo, it felt good to get out there in the park.

I spent a few hours doing laundry, cleaning up a bit.  Then showered and got ready for my afternoon/night out.

First stop on our (me, J and A) tour of drinking was a 2-hour wine tasting class.  Spanish wines 101.  Yum.  Let’s just say I was a bit tipsy upon leaving the wine tasting.  So, with an hour and a half before our dinner rez, what are three lovely ladies to do?  Well, they pop into the bar across the street and imbibe some more.

Around 7:45PM, we rush out to the street to grab a cab.  Just so happens that in this particular area of Tribeca, there are NO cabs to be found.  And no easy way to get to Lower East Side by the subways in the area.  Alas, we see a gypsy cab (non-yellow cab) and the guy tells us it’ll be $20.  Twenty bucks to get to the LES from Tribeca????  OK, we’re desperate and running late.

As I am a complete klutz and no evening would be complete without me taking a spill, I’m just about to step into the towncar when all of a sudden I find myself sitting on my ass on the ground.  Don’t even ask me how it happened.  I haven’t a clue.  One second I’m standing.  The next second I’m sitting.  This is a pretty typical event for me, so you’d think that I’d know what prompts me to fall all the time, but no.  It’s determined that I am not indeed injured, but merely an uncoordinated moron and we get into the towncar and we’re on our way.

Dinner was at a super cute little Italian place in the LES.  Two more friends, including my bestie, came for dinner.  We had a fun, lovely time gorging ourselves on pasta.  After dinner we headed to Campbell Apartment in Grand Central.  A couple more friends showed up.  Many more delicious cocktails were consumed.  Ridiculous conversations had.  Laughter all around.

Eventually, we all headed home.  I took home my friend, A, as she was crashing in the city and I most definitely could use the company.  We talked until 4AM, before finally falling asleep.  In the morning, we met up with J again and grabbed late breakfast at the diner.  I spent Sunday relaxing and detoxing.  I went through a stack of magazines and was a lazy bum.  I fielded FB well-wishes all day.  It was nice.  I didn’t feel any pressure to be productive because, dammit, it was my birfffday!

So, now it’s Monday.  Work is being a pain in the ass.  The damn IT department was supposed to install software on my computer by end of day Friday…hmm, did that happen?  Course not.  Effers.  OK, deep breath, rant over.

Just got a happy birthday email from an old college friend, whose birthday is today.  We really don’t keep in touch other than our birthdays, but it’s funny for 17 years now (holy shit!) we’ve been wishing each other Happy Birthdays.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Glad you had a blast.

    • Thanks! It was exactly what I needed. And I think I only got emotional once during dinner (that was my fault as I started talking about him). Oh wait, there were a couple other slight tearing up moments, but they were minor 🙂

  2. prettylittlereckless

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday! Sometimes we need those drunken nights- birthday or not 😉

    • Thank you! We definitely need those drunken nights out every once in awhile (or all the time) 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! Glad that you enjoyed it with your peep-ettes!

    • Thanks, I ❤ my peep-ettes! xoxo

  4. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Happy Belated Amy!!! Sounds like a great night! 🙂

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