I hate writing about how sad and in pain I am, but we all use our blogs as ways to unleash our feelings and thoughts.

As if my personal life wasn’t sucky enough, my work life has just been thrown for a loop.  My senior analyst announced her resignation this week.  FML.  We are already short-staffed and now *my dept* consists of, umm, me.  This puts a heap of stress and work on me that I am not prepared nor trained for.  The skill set that she possesses, I do not.  Short story with my job is that I was doing one thing for 10 years, then about 2 years ago, with mergers and all that crapola, I was forced into a different type of role.  One I have little experience in, but I’ve learned along the way.  Well, now I need to learn (and in crash course mode) a whole bunch of stuff that I only hope I can get even the slightest grasp of.

This part is dedicated to all you ladies who also suffer from arachnophobia…last night I saw a brown spider scurry down my wall.  By the time I jumped up to maybe try to kill it, it disappeared.  So, now there is a spider in my apartment and I don’t know where the hell it is.

Yeah, it’s like the universe just wants to keep taking giant heaping craps on me.

I am convinced that April 2011 has been one of the most effed up months EVER for me.

I’d really wish for it to be May already, but that means that I’ve turned 36.  Still single and nowhere near marriage and family (both which were in short reach two months ago).  In my now increasingly sucky job.  Living in an apartment with a spider that’s probably going to eat my face.  And three weeks away from a half marathon, which I don’t think I’m going to wind up doing, because I can’t even run 4 miles now.




  1. Ever notice that life isn’t a steady stream of anything? You’re moving along and then dumped on from all sides which leaves your scrambling. Then life settles and you get dumped on again.

    My boss quit a few months ago. The new boss fired the CFO and I’ve found myself dealing with numbers and that is not my area. I get the stress level and to have it happen now is a real bitch. On the bright side, at least the flurry at work occupies your mind.

    I’ve got a half marathon next Saturday… I can’t do it. I came down with round 2 of a bronchial infection. I ran 4 miles last Saturday and spent the rest of the day laying on the couch coughing up stuff. You’ll get back into the running… it just takes time.

    • Crap from every direction.

      Hope your bronchial infection clears up real soon and that you are able to do the half. Maybe not at the level you wanted to do it, but able to finish it. I’m hoping that I can at least get to a point in the next few weeks where I feel like I’ll be able to finish the half without dropping dead.

  2. Ugh, in Costa Rica, my friend and I had a huge black spider on the ceiling above our shower for THREE days. The ceiling was too high to reach, so we just had to live with it. Then one day, just gone. I don’t think I slept for another three nights.

    I think you should DO this marathon. And do it right. Train your ass off for the next 3 weeks and turn your shit around, rip yourself out of this crappy month. It’s the best way! Motivation, girl – we’re rooting for you!

    • I don’t want to give up on doing the Half. I will try to get as much running in as possible over the next few weeks and then make a decision the night before.

      As far as the spider, I’m just dreading that morning I wake up with a spider bite and realize that I had a spider in my bed.

  3. prettylittlereckless

    The spider thing has totally happened to me as well. (shudder)

    And I know I definitely have phases of things going well, then things going really shitty. It’s how life is sometimes. It’s just how we deal with it that makes it different.

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