a pleasant surprise

It’s Friday night and I am home, doing laundry and waiting for Fresh Direct to deliver my groceries.  I’m such a party animal, I can’t stand it.

I know I said I wouldn’t post anymore about him.  BUT…

…a little while ago I received a phone call.  From St. Elmo’s parents.

Last Sunday, I had sent St. Elmo home with a bunch of bacon cheddar corn muffins (uh, yeah, yum).  They were calling to thank me for them.  I kinda knew if he brought them home, his parents would be the ones to eat the majority of them.  I am not even sure he tried one.

But they called to thank me and to apologize for not calling sooner.  They are just darling people like that.  I hate that because of this break-up, I am losing them in my life, too.  They are the type of lovely people that you want for your in-laws.  I truly fell in love with them, as well.

The whole call only lasted about 2 minutes, but it was really, really nice.  And now my heart breaks a little more losing them.


  1. prettylittlereckless

    The night before I broke up with a guy- I talked to his sister on the phone. She was so amazing and fun. I actually liked his family more than I liked the guy. It definitely sucks giving up some of that when you say goodbye to the guy.

  2. I know what you mean! I really really REALLY loved my X’s mom. She was so supportive and sweet and just a great person. I would have totally been friends with her in another life.
    It was strange – in a way it was harder to have to let her go than my actual relationship with the X. But then again, he was crazy. So….

  3. porkpiesandheartache

    I broke up with my previous ex almost a year ago. His mother seemed to find it hard to let me go and in fact, she recently came to a concert I was playing in! She was such a lovely lady and she really despaired of her son for being such a prick to me.
    When did you break up with your ex? You say you sent him home with a batch of muffins?! I am confused!

    • Yes, we broke up the night of Sunday, April 24th. When we had met for lunch on Sunday and talked, we were still in the “should we try or not” conversations. Him telling me that he didn’t want to try anymore came later that evening/night.

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