35 was a really bad *love* year

For any of you new readers to my blog, first of all, welcome!  Second of all, I apologize for bringing you into my warped world mind.

If you’ve been reading the posts from April, you know that there was a really intriguing shit-tastic break-up that I went through.  Safe to say that April 2011 will go down in my record book as one of the shittiest months of my life.  BUT, should you not believe that I really have such terrible luck with men, here’s a throwback to when I started this blog.  I went through a terrible, “holy shit” break-up last year.  For your reading dis-pleasure…

The Colossal Douche-bag story, my *letter* to CDB

The Rebound story



  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    and as screwed up as it sounds, you will be better in the end for all of it! (feel free to cyber-slap me) 😉

    you’re a great person and none of these guys deserved you to begin with!

    • Aww, thanks, Grey! And no cyber-slapping from me to you, ever.

  2. Girl, I feel for you – the last few years were pretty shit-tastic for me too, in terms of relationships. There always seemed to be a big bomb of bad that would also drop on me and explode right around my birthday (also in April).

    But you know what? This year, not too bad. Yeah, I was kinda mopey. But I got over it. And I am so thankful to not be with a crazy!

    I agree 200% with Grey, Goose, Dirty. You deserve to be with someone that is worthy of you – that includes being able to handle your “me time” and independence without having his ego threatened.
    Just sayin’.

    • Thanks so much! I don’t ask for or demand a lot in a relationship… just no major drama! Is that too much to ask for? I admit, that perhaps sometimes I am the instigator of drama, but overall, I am really easy going and laid back. (sigh)

      And happy (belated) birthday! I’m actually a May 1st bday, so it will just be on the other side of this shitty April. Hopefully, it will be a new month, new outlook and new life!

  3. I’m sorry. 😦

    Now, I know this might not be of much help, since at this point in the break-up process, the man-bashing is all you want to do…but whenever I was in your shoes, once I got past that point, I always thought about what lessons I learned about myself through the relationship that had just ended. It usually helped me to move on.

    And although this relationship ended…was 35 really *such* a bad love year? Is having a relationship that doesn’t work out worse than spending it alone for the year?? Just sayin’…yes, I’m playing devil’s advocate today…;)

    • “It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all”… right? Yes, but two bad break-ups in one year was kind of bad. I totally agree with learning from experience. There were definite lessons learned from both relationships. I know I’ll move on just fine. I’ve never had a break-up completely break me as a person. Even though I thought this was *the one*, I’ve had a month to prepare for its end. It was a lot more painful in the beginning of the break-up process. Now its more of a dull pain that will fade. Thanks!

  4. prettylittlereckless

    We’ve all gone through our share of shitastic breakups…. as shitty as they are- we ALWAYS come out better. 🙂 I know I have with mine!

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