amending my opinion of valentine’s day

Not too long from now, it will be Valentine’s Day.  I know many of you are fretting because you don’t yet have V-day dates.  Some of you are eagerly planning a nice romantic night with their significant other.  Me?  Well, I suppose this will be the first V-day that I spend with someone and actually celebrate it properly (however and whatever that may be).

I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan.  Aside from being a young kid, the day doesn’t really elicit any good memories.

It was super fun in elementary school when you would spend time decorating a shoe box with pink and red paper and cut out hearts.  You would get those packs of V-day cards and write out one to all of your classmates.  If you had a cool mom, she’d have bought candy or chocolate pieces to put in the cards, making you a little more popular with the other kids.  Then on V-day, you’d walk around the classroom and stick all the cards in your classmates V-day mailboxes.  At the end of the day, you’d bring those decorated shoeboxes home and open cards and eat candy!  Nothing wrong with that.

As I got older and into high school, I don’t particularly remember any V-days.  I had a boyfriend in high school and while I’m sure we probably exchanged gifts or ate dinner together, I don’t remember any of it.

When I was in college there was one guy I saw on and off for all four years.  And there were other boyfriends, hook-ups, flings.  But again, I don’t remember ever celebrating V-day.

One post-college boyfriend…well, I’ll just say that he broke up with me on Valentine’s Day in 2000.  He had just gotten back from a business trip to Jakarta to let me know that he was going to move there for two years and “oh, by the way, you should know that I met someone while I was there.”  Really, you douche bag?  Well, fuck off.

Other Valentine’s Days were exceptionally un-memorable to me.

Even with the Colossal Douche Bag, we didn’t spend V-days together.  In 2008, I was on a business trip to Vegas for V-day, while he was on a boys vacation with his best friend.  In 2009, he went out to his sister’s in Ohio for a “family emergency” for V-day weekend, while I spend the day with a couple of my girls.   Last year, if I recall, I think I saw CDB Saturday night and stayed over and V-day was on Sunday, the morning of which I left and went home.  I brought him some vino and another small present.  We never actually drank the wine and for some creepy fucked up reason, I think he probably drank it with his now wife (at the time she was, or I was, the other woman – depending how you looked at it).  I also suspect that she became the recipient of that small gift I gave him.  As if there weren’t enough reasons to hate that mo-fo…

This year…I don’t know what will be planned.  I suppose it will be dinner, though I’d rather order in something than subject myself to cutesy nauseating V-day themed restaurants.  I’ve already told St. Elmo that he is NOT to send me flowers.  I don’t see the point of him buying me overpriced flowers for a Hallmark holiday.  If he wants to impress me, then he can pick up a couple bunches of tulips over the weekend for the apartment.  I have an idea of what I will get him as a present.  I’m sure he’s going to blow me out of the water with his gift to me, because he’s really thoughtful and generous like that.  It might be the first Valentine’s Day that I look forward to.

What are your thoughts on this Hallmark holiday?  Are you a romantic and look forward to it?  Do you hate it?  Or is it just another day in your life, nothing special?


  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Whatever you do on Valentine’s Day Amy will be wonderful, as you’ll be spending it with St. Elmo. I’m pretty much betting flowers are going to be part of the equation, however.

    Valentine’s Day for me? Uh, I don’t know that I’ve ever had a boyfriend for the occassion aside from 4 years ago when he stopped by a drug store on the way to my house and picked up a card before we went to dinner. Oh, and there was that one time that some stellar douche online invited me to come over and F*ck …… ah romance ….

    • I’ve had such piss poor V-days in the past, that really anything is an improvement 🙂

      At least you got a card that one time. Actually sounds like something I would do – lol

  2. Ugh. V-day. Fuck.

    I would love it if someone sent me flowers. But, no one ever does.
    I prefer to spend V-day doing stuff together (a weekend away for example) instead of buying presents.
    For Valentines when I was with the ex we went out to his favorite steak restaurant. Then I think I surprised him with a weekend ski trip where we stayed with 4 other friends in an awesome cabin.

    • I am much more interested in doing stuff together, as well. And I’m all for getting flowers. Just not the marked up expensive bouquets. I’d rather the $5 bunch from the bodega.

  3. I am so stressed out about V-Day… when the relationship is new and you’re just getting to know each other. I have no idea what to do. I feel like I should do something big, but not too big. Tickets to a show or concert? Something more romantic like a wine-tasting trip… but what if we’re not even together at that time? All I know is this is way more stressful than being bitter and alone with your very own bottle of booze.

    • In the early stages of a relationship, a big trip like wine-tasting might be too much. I’m also thinking that I don’t want to do anything big because I’ve never really celebrated it before and it holds no real significance to me (although it may to him). Dammit. I agree that it is more stressful than being alone!

  4. I totally miss when you passed out valentines to everyone in your class. If you weren’t a total loser, you ultimately ended up with 20 or so valentines that made you feel very special (nevermind that some teachers required that no one be left out, haha). I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I would kill for those days back. I would enjoy them so much more! 🙂

    • I loved those days. They were fun. I used to save the valentines cards. At least the ones from my close friends. I remember finding them one day as an adult (I was probably moving) and laughing that I still had them. I threw them away, but it was funny that I had them for 15 or so years.

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