and the crazy continues…

Yet, another story of some woman straight off the bus from Crazytown.  This time, the woman wanted a baby.

A Queens actress wannabe who told friends she was pregnant — and even registered for baby gifts — landed in a Canadian jail after she allegedly kidnapped a newborn infant by tricking the child’s parents into thinking they were bringing the tot to a movie casting call.

Hollis native Michelle Marie Gopaul, 24, set off a frantic Toronto manhunt last Thursday night for 1-month-old Roma Patel, who was found unharmed after a four-hour search, Toronto police said.

Gopaul has been charged with child abduction. She is being held without bail after a court appearance yesterday.

Before her arrest, the aspiring pop singer and screen star had boasted online that she was pregnant and invited pals to a baby shower, friends said yesterday.

On the Babies “R” Us Web site, a Michelle Gopaul of Hollis registered for gifts for a child said to be due Oct. 30.

“It’s a girl!! I can’t wait until my little pincess [sic] Valentina arrives!!” boasts a message on the site.

Toronto police said Gopaul placed ads for an infant to “star” in a Bollywood movie. She offered $7,500 for a baby girl “of Indian background.”

Parents Viral and Sejal Patel decided to bring Roma.

Several couples turned up for the “auditions.”

The Patels arrived around 10 p.m., and Gopaul cooed over the child, then asked if she could take her to a private room to see how she reacted to strangers, the parents told investigators.

Gopaul then sneaked out a back door and whisked the child away in a cab.

She ordered the cabby, Jaswinder Singh, to step on the gas and run red lights.

“I refused and told her that she was out of her mind,” Singh told the Toronto Star.

Singh said he dropped Gopaul at a restaurant, where three girls and a man were waiting for her in a car.

Police said they found little Roma around 3 a.m., after a man who saw Gopaul with the child called to report her.

Her mother attended the Toronto hearing and cried through the proceedings. She said she was “very sad” but declined further comment.

Additional reporting by Len Maniace


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Comments from New York Magazine:
“she couldn’t get knocked up in Queens??”
“Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just, ya know, get knocked up?”
“it would have been better if she pulled the olde, “look, whats that over there!” and then ran away”
“if you really want a baby, just pull the ol’ “yeah, i’m totally on the pill” trick. duh.”


  1. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Is it wrong to find the comments highly entertaining?

    • Nope, little miss snarky pants

      • Grey Goose, Dirty

        ah, you know me so well …….

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