happy new year!

Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Tonight I am going to celebrate New Year’s Eve with St. Elmo and his parents.  This will be the first meeting of the ‘in-loves’ (In-loves is a term coined by a co-worker to describe your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents).

St. Elmo is adorably more nervous than I am.  His parents have been bombarding him with questions about me as of late and extended an offer to ‘come by’ on NYE.  They want to meet me.  He also wants me to meet them.  It’s been a long time since I’ve met the parents.  I’m not really worried, as parents generally love me.  I come across as super cute and sweet, with all sarcasm and devilish ways safely hidden away 😉 

I’m actually looking forward to this.  Dinner will be at 8PM.  I’m bringing dessert and champagne.  I baked two kinds of cheesecake bars – blueberry crumble and cherry chocolate chip.  I have a bottle of Charles Heidsieck chilling in the fridge, ready to go.   I’ve done muted, natural looking makeup.  I’ll wear jeans with a cute flowy, flower patterned top.

I will report back tomorrow how meeting the in-loves went.

P.S. when I was at my mom’s she wanted me to bake cookies.  I didn’t want to bake cookies.  She then said, “How do you think St. Elmo will feel knowing that his wife won’t bake cookies?”  I cocked my head at her and asked her when did I get married.  She gave a small laugh and told me she meant ‘girlfriend’… yeah… right… sure you did.  Wishful thinking, my mother.

UPDATE, Jan 2: Meeting the “in-loves” went very well.  They are darling people.  Welcomed me with open arms into their home.  We had a nice dinner and laughed a lot.  Drank lots, though didn’t get drunk (just a bit giggly and happy).  Lots of pictures were taken.  My desserts were a hit – Yay.  I adored them and hope the feeling was mutual.  St. Elmo will get the low down later today.  Meanwhile, yesterday was the Outback Bowl.  St. Elmo and I watched Penn State lose in ugly fashion to Florida, but at least the game wasn’t a complete embarrassing blow out like the other Big Ten games – Yikes.



  1. Good luck! Have fun! They’ll love you!

    (I’m getting the ‘you’re SO getting married’ treatment from all my friends…hahaha! I know how you feel…)

    All the best in 2011!

    • Haha… your friends obviously see the relationship as going the distance 🙂

      Thanks regarding tonight. I think it’ll be just fine and I’m sure I’ll love them and love hearing stories of St. Elmo when he was little. I already warned him that I’m gonna ask his mom to break out childhood pics.

  2. Grey Goose, Dirty

    Oh Amy! How exciting! Have a blast and of course they’ll love you!

    I think the desserts you made sound delish! Sorry to your mom, but much more impressive than cookies 😉 Who knew that guys base their affections on women’s cookie baking abilities, right?

    I expect a fully report in the morning! Happy New Year!!!

  3. Grey Goose, Dirty

    (or just a full report) …..

    • Thank you! I got an almost proposal from his dad for the desserts that I made. And they went over very well with his mother too. LOL.

  4. Happy New Year and I’m glad it’s starting off so well! Sounds like the parent meeting went well, too! Wahoo!

  5. Happy New Year, Amy! So glad to hear things are going well for you 🙂

    • Thanks, Catherine! Happy New Year to you, too!!!

  6. Ohmgosh! How dod I *not* even know you had a luva-boy??! I’m *SO* out of the loop of current events here!! I’m delighted and excited for you!!! I gotta read back and get the gist of how/what/when/where….ALL about this. I’m glad meeting the parent’s went well too:) You’re amazing and deserve nothing less than an amazing man to worship you like the goddess you are!! xoxo

    • Yes, K, got a new luva-boy! He’s a keeper. He’s the opposite of most of the emotionally retarded and douchey men I’ve dated in the past.

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