i blame the bartenders

I start this post thanking coconut water for staving off what could have been a fierce hangover.

Last night was a holiday party.  Open bar.  Bartenders with an overly generous pour of vodka for my vodka & clubs.  Watching the bartender pour my first drink made me think “hmmm, I better only have two…max”.  Well, two turned into three, plus two beers.  I am no light-weight when it comes to drinking.  I did attend one of the top party schools in the country.  However, that was many, many, (oh crap) many years ago.    I don’t, rather, can’t drink like that anymore.  But I can certainly handle 5 drinks without compromising my dignity in any way.

Needless to say, after 5 drinks, I was drunk.  Not falling down, blacking out drunk.  But happy drunk.  And willing to blab some secrets drunk.  Oooops.  Well, not totally oops, but yeah, a small oops.  I left the party and on my way home started to drunk text St. Elmo.

Feeling drunk and infinitely more comfortable spilling the beans… I told him his nickname.  I would have told him eventually.  But now he knows.

But anyhoo, waking up at 3:30AM insanely thirsty prompted me to do the smartest thing ever and drink a coconut water.  With all its potassium and electrolytes, I do believe it was instrumental in preventing a hangover this morning.  Yay for coconut water!



  1. I have to remember that secret for Sunday, since my Christmas party is tomorrow night!

    You should be watching your search terms for “St. Elmo” haha.

    • Really, get some coconut water… I like the Zico passionfruit flavor. And you’ll definitely want flavored water, no matter the brand. The plain coconut water tastes awful.

      I will certainly be watching my search terms – LOL.

  2. What is this coconut water that you speak of and where the hell was it when I was on vacation last month? 😉 Glad you had fun last night!

    • I started drinking coconut water instead of gatorade after workouts. But on the side of the Zico container, it says that it’s also good for those times “you’ve drank too much”. And it makes sense that because people drink gatorade when they are hungover for the electrolytes, that the coconut water would be good too.

  3. firecracker3

    Coconut water in my opinion is awesome! I always have some in my fridge. I feel like I missed that link in the DNA that makes me drunk dial, text or FB 🙂 I have yet to do it! Btw, one of my phrases that I use often was Googles yesterday and they founf my blog, hmmmmm now I have to wonder who was smart enough to do that!

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