come bearing gifts

Just because I feel the need to gush and brag a little bit… St. Elmo come over last night with… a bottle of wine and cheese for me (YUM and he didn’t even see my post about how I am thankful for those two decadent delights together)… and a cat toy for Cali!

That’s it.  Have a nice day 🙂


  1. who hoo!!! me likee St. Elmo! how sweet! geez, all I got last night was an invite for a booty call (i respectfully declined) 😉

    • The wine and cheese wasn’t a complete surprise. The cat toy was. However, my cat wasn’t nearly as into the toy as St. Elmo had hoped. But my cat is just kinda fat and lazy like that and would rather scratches behind the ears instead of physical activity like playing. It was a super sweet gesture, though.

      Before St. Elmo, it was very slim pickins for me and a booty call would have been nice.

      • BIG points for the cat toy! Gotta love a guy who realizes how much someone’s pet means to them and is thoughtful enough to bring a pressie! I love that!

        LOL on the booty call ~ i thought about it …… briefly …..

  2. Nom nom nom! What kind of cheese did you get!?

    • Aged Gouda, a sharp cheddar and a blue cheese. I love all those – all cheese actually. I’m not picky in the least when it comes to glorious cheeses 🙂

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