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Even though my blog is *anonymous* for the most part, my close friends, some blog buddies and close family know about it, but also know my full name and face.  I’m not super protective of my anonymity, but don’t necessarily want the casual reader who stumbled upon my blog to know who I am.  I’ve covered some serious (to me) topics of my feelings and break-ups and dating.  In my early posts, I had been very frank and open about my true feelings (mostly hurt and anger) because the blog was a great outlet for me to just spew my unfiltered mental anguish in a semi-anonymous way.  I am very thrilled, though, that I have either become FB friends or met in real life fellow bloggers and learned more about their lives and who they actually are, beyond just words.  And I heart them all as they are phenomenal people, with infinitely more depth than what appears in their blogs.

I’m pretty open with the fact that I have a blog, but don’t tell everyone what the blog is called or how to find it.  Pretty much if I want you to be able to read it, you’ll know how to find it.  Even when I was still on the dating sites, I mentioned it in my profile that I have a blog.  I’m sure anyone noting that fact believed that it was a blog about my online dating adventures and that is partly true.  Only one guy on OkCupid straight out asked me what I blogged about.  I was honest.  I told him that it started out as a dating blog, but evolved into a place for me to talk about whatever was on my mind.  He thought that sounded cool, but still didn’t press me to tell him what it was and I was thankful of that.

I’ve talked to St. Elmo about my blog and told him that I write about him, but use a nickname.  [for those of you who may have learned his real name via FB, you can prob figure out why I chose that nickname :)]  He asked me what I nicknamed him, but then immediately recanted the request and told me not to tell him.  He also said that he wants to, but doesn’t want to read the blog.  I told him that one day I’ll let him read it, but I’m not there yet.  I’m not ready for him to read about all the heartache and anger I had (he knows the basic 30-second story of what happened with CDB).  He’s fine with waiting.  There are entries that I think he’d like – the ones that don’t talk about him, the ones about running or other random things.   I’ve thought about just copying and pasting some of the text into an email and sending it to him, but I figure one day, when I let him read the blog, if he does, he’ll see them then.

By the way, he’s totally cool with me blogging about him…so yay, I certainly will 🙂



  1. By the way, he’s totally cool with me blogging about him…so yay, I certainly will

    Whoa, I just had a Star Wars flashback:

    Lando: Hmmm, yeah, okay, I guess this deal works. Blog about me if you want.

    Vader: Muahahaha. I will.


    Lando: Wait, what?!? What are you doing? I didn’t agree to this. This wasn’t part of the deal!

    Vader: I’m altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further.


    • HAHA! I suppose I really didn’t give him the choice at first… since I was blogging about him way before we talked about it. It might have been more like acceptance that it’s happening, whether he likes it or not!

      • Yes, Lord Vader. I understand.

        • and Dennis, just so you know, the next blog post will be all about you, permission or not 😉

      • *waves fingers*

        This is not the blogger you are looking for. Move along.

  2. I wouldn’t blog about you in a bad way… only good things! But I read the cease & desist… (sigh)

    • Oh, no, it’s fine. I was just trying to pull the Jedi-mind trick that I’ve been trying to pull since I was a kid. On that note….



      Time to go levitate some shit….

      Okay, seriously, though… I’m actually kind of curious what you’d have to write about me now. So, go ahead. You have my permission. 🙂

      • Damn, it did work! You had me all con-fus-ed. Jeez, you got me to back down, you definitely can levitate shit now…

      • Actually, now that I think about it, never mind the levitating.

        When do I get my lightsaber????

  3. Exactly how I started out, well not with the dating thing, just recently after loosing our first pregnancy. OH knows I blog and thinks its a great outlet for me, a stress reliever.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about the lost pregnancy. This blog has been tremendous in getting me to *talk* about my feelings.

      • Many thanks, it’s natures way but still incredibly upsetting. I look forward to reading many more of your posts!

  4. Wow, glad he’s OK with it. Not all guys are. What is hard though, if he ends up reading, is you may censor yourself. Someday there may be negative things you want to talk about – it’s that much harder if he has access to the blog. Trust me on this one 🙂

    • I’m pretty good about not airing out my dirty laundry with the current man. Even with my friends, I won’t tell them details of fights/arguments, because I don’t like sharing those private details. It’s enough to tell them (and on this blog) that there was a disagreement and leave it at “there was a disagreement”.

      Ex-boyfriends are free game, though! Once the relationship is severed for good, I’m more willing to air my grievances.

  5. I’ve used my blog in much the same manner. Only a few close friends know about my blog, and I like it that way. I keep it from my family mostly as I’ve written a lot about my resentment over my parents divorce, but somehow I don’t think they’d even recognize me from my writing. As my blog gets more readership though, I worry about it getting out there into the open. I’ve deleted any posts I had written about work and password protected all the other personal stuff. It’s always possible though. I don’t want my blog to come back and haunt me, it wouldn’t be the same after that.

    • I hear ya. I password protected a few posts in consideration that the blog may fall into not the wrong hands, but by someone who might realize the blog post is about them (past flings that I am still friendly with). And I don’t talk about work and tried to strip out any past references to my job from previous entries.

  6. I share the same type of rules for my blog as well and I was once again reminded of how some people don’t seem to care at all and others now read it daily as if it were as important as the morning newspaper. It is nice to hear St. Elmo is on board with your blogging 🙂

    • I don’t know which of my friends, other than my best friend, who reads this. None of my coworkers (even close ones I consider friends) know the name of the blog and it will stay that way. I don’t think anyone from my family knows I even have it (though I do let some of them see the link on my FB page). I have everyone’s blog in my Google Reader so I read all the new posts on my commute to work, so it is like my morning newspaper!

  7. I usually have a hard time NOT telling my close friends every little detail. But, I’ve managed to keep this blog private from my friends/family. For the most part, they know this stuff, but this is also a place for me to air my frustrations. Since most of my friends are married, I don’t always feel they “hear” my frustrations.

    It has been a huge blessing to have this blog and interact with other people in the same boat. WE understand one another and can remind each other that we’re not crazy. We can also rejoice in each other’s good fortune (ie: St. Elmo!)! Good for you!

    • This blog has been one of the best things that I have done this year and I’m glad you have yours, cause I love reading it. WE single people DO understand one another and the frustrations with dating and men and women and life in general. And speaking for myself… I AM a bit crazy! 🙂

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