flutter alert on a cold, windy morning

This past Sunday morning, I had a 10K race.  It was freezing cold and windy.  I was up at 6:30AM.  A friend that I was supposed to meet beforehand called to say that she was not going to do the run.  That made me go back-and-forth with whether or not I wanted to do the run.  My bed was nice and warm and comfy and dammit, it was cold out!  In the end, I got my sorry ass out of bed and layered on my running gear – running tank, running turtleneck, pull-over shirt, cold weather running jacket, cold weather running pants, two pairs of socks, running shoes, headband and gloves.  I get outside and half-way down the block walking into the wind, had a fleeting thought of turning around and going back home.  But I moved on.  And by move on, I ran most of the 12 or so blocks to the start line because it was sooooo cold and the running warmed me up.

The race starts and since I am always put in the slow-poke corral, it takes quite a few minutes to get to the actual start.  As we’re moving forward, the announcer all of a sudden says “We need EMT’s to report to the 1000 corral immediately.  There is a medical emergency.  We need a defibrillator immediately.”  We all think that it’s a runner, but it was actually an older gentleman spectator.  I once again, had a mental debate, “should I go over?  Or leave it to others to handle?”  I took a CPR class a little more than a month ago (training to volunteer for the NYC Marathon).  I saw that there were tons of people surrounding the guy and that a few other runners were heading that direction.  I weighed whether or not I could actually be helpful and perform CPR on the guy.  In the end, I decided to let those already around the guy and heading over there to handle the emergency.  I also thought to myself that there has to be someone more qualified to perform CPR on someone than me, who only took one 4-hour class.

So, I ran on and began the race, though my mind was still thinking about if I should have done something or not.  Damn conscious! [I don’t know what ultimately happened with the guy]

The run was not easy for me.  I had to take walking breaks.  A lot of them.  But I did feel like when I actually was running, I was running at a faster than normal pace.  The hills felt especially steep, even though the elevation of Central Park has not changed to taunt me.  I hadn’t run more than 5 miles since July.  And by *run* I mean complete.  This was bound to be a PR – as the slowest race ever.

Right after the halfway mark and walking through a water station, I begin to run again and look over to see St. Elmo standing there with a camera looking for me in the crowd!  Whoa!  What a nice surprise!  I run over to him and he’s trying to take pics of me in action and I give him a big hug.  I can’t remember what I babbled because I was so surprised to see him there, but he told me to go on and he’d meet me on the other side of the park.  flutter

I continue (note that I said “continue” and not “run”) on my way around the lower loop in Central Park.  Right after the 4-mile marker, I see him again.  flutter.  This time I wave so he sees me coming and he starts clicking away with the camera.  Now, the resulting pics…well…let’s just say, not the most flattering, but at least I was running in them and not walking (cause that would be pretty embarrassing.  A pic of me casually strolling along during a running race).

Again, I run over, give him a big hug and kiss and tell him something along the line of “I am sooo tired, this is killing me!”  Yeah, very romantic, indeed.  I run off and continue on my not-so-merry way.  By 4.5 miles, I think my feet actually turned into lead bricks.  Going up Cat Hill was horrible.  I couldn’t lift my legs.  Felt sluggish.  But had to keep telling myself that the faster I go, the faster I’ll get to the finish line.  My mind totally understood that.  My legs, however, were like “oh yeah, well eff you, we’re not moving that fast, so get over it”.  My overall time was not good.  And yes, I did have a personal record…for the slowest ever 10K that I have run.

Serious flutter alert – Friday night I went on a holiday-themed bar crawl.  A friend and her college friends started this tradition years and years ago in LA.  Since most of them wound up in NYC, they continued it here.  St. Elmo came out for it.  He donned a dopey Santa hat, like the rest of us, and mixed well with my friends, chatting away.  The girls thought he was adorable and so sweet.  I agree.  It was a lot of fun and breakfast on Saturday, followed by a 4 mile walk in Central Park topped off a great night.  Also, it was the first time he was in my apartment and he passed with flying colors with my cat.  She loved him.  And I think she won him over too.  A major plus, as well, is that he isn’t allergic to her, cause I’ve dated guys who were and that just sucked.

[If you are FB friends with me, you can see him in one of the pics from that night  🙂  Also, the unflattering race pics are also on FB]



  1. Awww – that’s SO sweet that he came out to the race to support & snap some pictures of you!!

    Last night, I saw that you had posted the photos on FB from your Friday night, and I took a peek and wondered if that was him… he’s a cutie! 🙂 Excellent that your friends and your cat like him too!!

    Okay, so how do you motivate yourself to get out there to run in the cold? I have been slacking off big time because I’m too lazy to go outside in the cold to go to the gym (and work out indoors!!)

  2. He really is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever dated.

    The only motivation I have is that I sign up for these races. My gym membership is being completely wasted lately. When it’s early and cold and dark, I don’t want to go before work, aside from the fact that I am not a morning person. And forget trying to go after work (too busy or usually too tired and hungry by the time I leave work).

  3. firecracker3

    I finally caved in and DIDN’T run outside this weekend because of the wind, more so then the cold. I did the gerbil wheel aka treadmill that I have. Then the guilt of not being outside gets the better of me and I run extra long… I have issues. Anyway, nice job on at least getting out there and doing your best! I will have to go stalk your FB page now 🙂

    • I’m so glad that I forced myself out there. Two reasons… I wouldn’t have known that St. Elmo was out there to cheer me on if I hadn’t gone. But also because I attended a Hannukuh party Sunday and ate my face off. Ate latkas like it was my only job in life. And some delicious chocolate Guinness cake. Mmmm. I suppose I should go to the gym tonight!

  4. That’s so awesome that St Elmo was there to surprise you and take pics! What a good guy! Yey!

    • Thanks, he is a good guy. Treats me way better than most the past guys I’ve dated. Way better.

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