happy turkey day!

Thanksgiving.  A holiday I can embrace and love.  What’s not to love?  Gluttonous eating.  Excessive drinking.  Football.  Family (not mine, so any family drama is actually kind of amusing).  Friends.

This has been a boring year, as far as professional life, but a bit of a rollercoaster with my personal life.  Despite these, I am still thankful for all that I have.  In no particular order:

A job: I am so lucky to have a job and job security.  I have so many friends out of work, I hate it.  I hate seeing them worry about finances.  I hate the anxiety they feel wondering when they’ll finally get a paycheck.

Family: My family may be dysfunctional, but I still love them.  My immediate family all live away from New York, so I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like to.  But them being so far away, makes the moments with them that much more special.

Friends: I have an amazing group of friends.  I know I have said this before and will say it till the day I die.  I have an amazing group of friends.  I value each one immensely, whether I’ve known them since early childhood or met them this year.  Each one has something special to bring to the table and if they didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t count them as a friend.

Pets: Now, I have just Cali.  She’s quite a character.  For a cat, she has loads of personality.  She is uber-friendly and uber-loveable.  She’s my love.  My Pookie Monster.

Health: I know it’s a cliché to say “at least you have your health.”  But in all seriousness, yes, at least I have my health.  When other things are not going as planned or I’m disappointed/hurt by what is happening, at the very least, I am still healthy.

Home: Seems so basic, but considering that so many people don’t have a roof over their heads, it makes me thankful that I have a home that I can afford – even if it’s a small, rental studio apartment.

Love: Whether it comes from family, friends or significant other.  I’ve been fortunate to have lots of this in my life.

Freedom: It’s so easy to forget that living in the U.S. gives us that basic and necessary freedom (within reason) to do what we want, go where we want, say what we want, live how we want.  I’m thankful that I don’t live in a country where basic human rights are repressed.

Wine & cheese: Yes, my friends, I am enormously thankful for these two things, especially paired together!  Mmmmm…

Sleep: Another basic.  But when you sometimes suffer from insomnia like I do, sleep is a luxury.

New York City: I am so very thankful that I have the good fortune and privilege of living in NYC.  Yes, I did use the word “privilege.”  I try not to take things for granted.  I don’t want to think that I am owed the right to live in NYC, but rather, I’m fortunate to because of hard work and luck that it was an easy transition from living just 40 minutes north of the city.

I am really a very lucky girl.  I may have met some resistance in my pursuit of happiness earlier this year.  But it finally feels as if some things are turning around for me.  I am very happy with who I am now, what I’ve overcome, where I might go, and with whom I’ll share my nutty life with.

I’m very thankful for this blog and my new blog friends/readers.  You’re all awesome.  I hope that you all have a very wonderful Turkey Day and are able to enjoy and be thankful for the all the things in your lives that make you smile 🙂


  1. Great entry! It’s sometimes easy to forget all the good when you’re being bogged down by bad. You have a great outlook on things and I really enjoy your blog (in case I haven’t told you that before). The fact that you actually included wine and cheese in your ‘thankfullness list’ just makes me like you even more!

    • Thanks! I enjoy reading your blog as well. You’ve got some classic stories and a great way of telling them!

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