will the real amy please stand up?

I really want to know what on earth happened to me?  Like, really, where did the real Amy go?

I ask this, because I find myself looking for happy, lovey dovey songs on my iPod.  Huh?  What? This is the girl who created a playlist of man-hating, angry, female-empowered, break up songs and listened to it constantly from July to well, less than a week ago.

When I listen to my iPod, I generally put it on shuffle.  I wind up skipping a lot of songs to hear the ones I really like, though sometimes I will listen to a particular playlist (fyi, Mix 2 is my break-up one).  Lately, I’ve been skipping past all those angry songs and listening to songs about love and all that sunshine and unicorns and puppy dogs and kittens crap. Whoa.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the hardened, tough shell to crack nutball.  But my insides are just oh-so-gooey now.  Gooey with happiness and contentment.  And major “like”.



  1. That is awesome! There is nothing wrong with living in the world of fairy tales, lollipops, and unicorn dreams! Enjoy the “like,” it’s so much fun (at least, from what I can remember!)!

  2. My first time at your blog. I love this post for your honesty. There is nothing wrong with you at all. You are just fine!

    I use to be that hard girl, who doesnt give a damn. Well I am no longer and i do care.

    Welcome to the new you, embrace it and allow it to teach you what you ought to know about the new you.

    • Thank you! I’m happy with where I am now with this new *thing* (not quite a relationship yet). It was a hard road to get here. Back story is that I was in a relationship that ended earlier this year in a not-so-good way. I was a bit disillusioned about the notion of love, even though I still believed in it. I just was dreading the dating process to find it. So glad you stopped by and I did like your post!

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