flutter (that’s my heart)

So, it has finally happened.  Something I haven’t felt in a long, long time.  Three years to be exact.  I’m majorly “in like.”

With St. Elmo.  When I blogged about our very first date, it seemed so unlikely that we would get to this point.  We had our second date about a month and half after our first date, if you can believe that.  After I re-initiated contact.  I thought I was being that girl who was chasing the guy who didn’t like me.  Turns out, he likes me.  Whodathunk?  We had a really nice second date where we went for Sunday brunch.  Yes, it was another sober date.  Wow, who is this non-drinking girl?  The week after brunch he said he texted me, but I never got it.  He told me that he had thought the date went well and when I didn’t respond to his text, he second guessed how well it went and thought I was blowing him off.  I wasn’t.  I just never received the text.  Me, again being the girl chasing the guy (there is something to be said about the appeal of the chase) and without knowing that he tried to contact me during the week, texted him about some running thing 6 days after we had brunch.  That he responded to and it triggered the conversation leading to a third date – drinks on a Friday evening.  Yes!  Woo hoo!  Alcohol!  Now I get to be more flirty and touchy and flirty and tipsy and flirty!!  It’s hard to be that flirty in daylight and sober.  This time, night + booze = flirty.

I met St. Elmo Friday after work and we wound up at a restaurant and sat in the bar area.  We each ordered our first glass of wine, and thank you bartender, for the generous pour.  Our conversation was so great.  We talked about all types of things.  There was never a quiet moment.  We are both animated talkers and talk with our hands.  There were perfect excuses for me to touch his arm or shoulder or rest my hand on his leg (I was getting bold).  He in turn, would touch my back or arm or hand.  He was a total gentleman and didn’t try to get fresh – even though I would not have minded.  I really liked this physical contact.  It was innocent, but flirty and it felt good

When it was time to go home, he walked me to Grand Central.  I thought he would just walk me to the entrance of GC and continue on towards his subway.  No.  He walked me into Grand Central.  Then through GC to the subway entrance.  Then came with me past the subway turnstile, telling me that he wanted to continue our conversation.  He came down to the subway platform and waited with me until my train came.  I’ve never had anyone do that.  It was so nice.  On my way home, he texted telling me what a great time he had and to get home safe.  Flutter (that’s my heart).

On Saturday, he knew of my brunch plans meeting my friend’s 2 year old daughter.  He asked how it went and when I said “very well”, he said he wasn’t surprised that it went so well.  Whee!  He thinks I’m good with kids and isn’t freaked out about it.

On Sunday morning, I got a text that was just “:)”.  Flutter.  That brought such a smile to my face.  He followed it up with a phone call.  I know that if I didn’t like this guy, I’d be figuring out the details of a restraining order.  But I like him.  Genuinely like him.  I’m loving this attention.

We have plans to go to dinner this Thursday.  And to cook dinner together another night soon.  When I suggested getting ingredients and cooking dinner one night, he said “you’re on.  But first let me take you to dinner.”   Flutter

He is so supportive of my running endeavors.  He remembers little things and brings them up again to ask how they went.  He knows that I am going to go away at the end of the month with one good female friend and a bunch of guy friends, but he keeps telling me how much fun I’m going to have.  I really think that he means it and shows no sign of jealousy (not that he should).  Flutter.

I don’t know how far this will go.  It could end tomorrow and not even get to dinner this week.  But I am just reveling in the feeling of liking someone again right now and in the moment.  Liking someone who I think likes me back just as much.



  1. I love it! 🙂

    This is the third “I’m in like” story that I’ve heard this weekend, and this one is the best!! Fingers crossed for you! 🙂

    • Thanks! How are things with you and your man?

      • Still great, thanks!

        I’m halfway through a new post about it… and with any luck/concentration, I’ll finish it soon (like, tonight)…

  2. Yay!!! This is what I’m talking about…I want to feel the flutter! The guy I just “let down” was moving fast, and if I was really into him, I suspect that wouldn’t have bothered me. Good for you!

    We all deserve to feel fireworks and not just sparklers. 🙂

    • Thank you! I want you to feel the flutter too. Now that it’s become your “dating season”, I hope that fireworks inducing man is right around the corner!! 🙂

  3. firecracker3

    Awww, good for you. I miss that feeling. Hope all continues to go well 🙂

    • Thanks, Jen! After getting back in the dating game and being a little disappointed in the people I was meeting, it is sooo nice to be happy liking someone and truly looking forward to being with them.

  4. Love this!! So happy to hear it. Enjoy this time, no matter how it turns out. This is the very BEST part of dating, I think!! 🙂

    • Catherine, thank you! I am trying to enjoy this one day at a time. And luckily, so far, each day has been a *good and happy* one with him these past couple weeks. Before, the thought of meeting someone and taking the time to get to know them seemed like such an exhausting thing. But with him, I look so forward to getting to know him better.

  5. “I know that if I didn’t like this guy, I’d be figuring out the details of a restraining order.”

    HA HA HA! So true but you know what? I’m genuinely happy for you… this is the good, fun, romantic part. Drink it up!!!

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