fight on state!

This Saturday is the Penn State – Ohio State game.

There’s a really good chance that we (Penn State) will lose.  We’re the underdogs with a 17 ½ point line.  We’re the away team playing in the Horseshoe, but we won there two years ago (albeit with a stronger team).  I don’t have any crazy delusions that we will win, but I do hope that we put up a good fight.  I’m forever the optimist, but always the realist at the same time.

Aside from knowing that we are probably going to lose, this is a going to be a tough game for me, on a personal level.  See, the Colossal Douche Bag is a huge Ohio State fan.  He didn’t go to school there (he went to another university in Ohio), but grew up a rabid fan in a family of OSU crazies.

We were supposed to watch this game together.  We will not.  I, of course, am reminded of him with every mention of Ohio State.  But I also know for a fact that he is reminded of me every time he hears about Penn State.  I have no doubt that I will be on his mind on Saturday.

In 2007, we met about a week before the PSU-OSU game that year.  I was on vacation when the game occurred, so we did not watch together.  There was some back and forth smack talk and bets on who would win over text and email during the game.  Ohio State won.  I lost the bet.

For the 2008 game in late October, we were on speaking terms and friendly, but had not seen each other since late June, when we broke up.  I was out at a bar with friends watching the game, while he (being the big loser he was/is) watched at home on a Saturday night.  But we were texting throughout the game and when the game was over and I was heading home, I got the text “want to come over and watch a movie?”  That was reconciliation #1.  BTW, Penn State pulled out the win.

In 2009, I was again at a bar (there is a trend here with Penn State games and me and bars) with friends.  CDB and I were supposed to watch the game together that year, but he forgot the dates and wound up being in Japan for his best friend’s wedding.  Ohio State won.

So, now we come to the game this year.  Earlier this year, when we were still together and before any of the shit hit the fan, he kept telling me that we were going to watch the game together.  He was going to dress up in his retarded Jim Tressel outfit (white button down shirt, red OSU sweater vest, white visor, glasses) and come with me to the Penn State alumni bar and be willing to endure the verbal beating and mockery from the Penn State fans.

Alas, that is not going to happen.  I don’t know with whom or where I am going to watch the game.  I know I will likely get rip roaring drunk – to ease the pain of losing and to erase any memories of that schmuck.  For the most part, I don’t think about him anymore.  But it’s moments like these that make me hate my looooonnnnnggggg memory when it comes to men.  Bah!

“Fight On State”



  1. Totally feel you on this. I hope you ended up having a good time. 🙂

    • I actually watched the game at home, pacing, texting friends with each score. We actually lost, but as I thought we would anyway, it wasn’t such a bad loss. In the first half, though, I am pretty sure the CDB was having a cow when my team was up.

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