miss-matched and now un-matched

I cancelled my Match membership.  Well, I let it expire without renewal.  It just wasn’t giving me the connections I’d hoped (though I am still in contact with one guy from it, St. Elmo).  And I didn’t feel like spending the money for 3 or 6 months more.  I’d rather spend the money elsewhere.  So I ended that – buh bye!

I did, however, unhide my OKCupid profile.  I cautiously went back on.  Phew, no peen shots.  We know how I love those.  After about 5 mins of being logged on and making some minor tweaks to my profile, an IM chatbox pops up.

Him: “hi im jim”    [all misspellings, bad grammar, bad punctuation and typos are his]
Me: “Hi, I’m Amy”
Blah blah blah – I don’t remember the details of what was said aside from general pleasantries.
Him: “your pretty”
Me: “Thank you”
Him: “i wish u werent so far away”
Me: “Where are you?  I didn’t look at your profile”
Him: “sprgfld mass”
Him: “were r u”   [umm, didn’t you just comment on how far away I was?  Don’t you already know that?  Or was that just a blind assumption?]
Me: “NYC”
Him: “your sexy”

OK, this chat is now over.  Close chatbox and block user.  END SCENE.

UPDATE NOV 8: And I got another peen shot.  Now it really has been awhile.  Almost forgot what they looked like.  I’m not as offended now – I mean I need to be reminded of what they are and what they look like… between my advancing age, spotty memory and non-existent sex life… 

Also, got an IM (I turned it back on)…”how do you make an ass of yourself?”  It does say in my profile that I am not afraid of making an ass out of myself, but really?  That’s your ice breaker/opening line?



  1. I try to never engage in IM correspondence. The guy is usually a freak, or just wants to get laid…

    But it makes me wonder if that tactic ever actually WORKS?

    • Yeah, I need to turn that feature off again, because I just got a “wanna snuggle?” from some 27 year old. Thanks for the offer and while it is a cold night, I will pass on the snuggling. Ewww. That just made me think of snuggle parties. I love snuggling with friends or guys I’m seeing, but strangers??? Gross.

      • HA! I leave it on for entertainment value…

  2. LOL good luck… not such a great start but hoping it’ll improve for you 🙂

    • Thanks, C! Aside from the IM’s, I haven’t been scared away again. The guys I’ve been in contact with on Cupid this time around seem pretty normal… so far 🙂

  3. firecracker3

    I know a snuggler in PA, not for me but if you want him I’ll hook ya up 🙂

    • Jen… thanks for looking out for me. Maybe when I head up to Penn State Thanksgiving weekend I’ll need someone to snuggle with to keep warm!

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