dedicated to all the ladies without kids (by choice or not)

This post is meant to be very tongue in cheek and not at all a *jab* to anyone who posts about their children.  I love seeing updates about the little ones.  There was an article, however, that accompanied this from the Washington Post about how difficult it can be for people who don’t have children (not by choice) to see these constant kids updates in their facebook news feeds.

I definitely can relate to the feelings of sadness and depression when I read about someone who just got engaged or just found out they are pregnant – because I sort of want those things too.  I’m not upset to read these things.  Quite the contrary.  I’m thrilled for the good things that my friends experience.  But, it stings sometimes when I do go down that long, dark road in my psyche and think “why not me?”  Even if I’m still not positive what I want to *be* in my life – as far as my career – I’ve always known that I want to have kids.  I’m good with them.  I love being around them, even when they get me sick (as those adorable little walking petrie dishes did this past weekend).  I love kids.  Most everyone knows that about me.  I might not be all huggy and playful with all kids (Hi, my name is Amy and I’m a germaphobe), but they make me smile.  They make me ooh and aah.

I know *one day* it will happen.  I know I will adopt someday, regardless of  if I have a child biologically.  I just always thought that it would have been *sooner* rather than *later*.  <sigh>

On that note…WHERE’S MY DRINK?!  Cause this non-mama can stay out all night and get her drink on!


  1. lol, well we are opposites on that one! I have no need for sticky little petri dishes! What is it that makes all kids under 7 sticky and red all the time anyway? It must ooze out of some kid pore or something. I asked a 4 year old why she was sticky once and she said “I’m not sticky!” and her mom looked at her and said “you have been in the pool all day, give it a while to set in”. Even her mother knew, sticky is on it’s way.

    If I found out I was knocked up today, I’d be throwing myself down a flight of stairs. I just see no need to change my life in that way. I don’t see a population shortage, quite the opposite. I like the freedom I have, which having as many pets as I do, isn’t much, but it’s more than I’d have with a kid. Now I’m going to go search online for a chastity belt because I’ve surely just put a huge jinx on myself and I’ll be pregnant by the end of the year. No, I’ll save the baby makin to other people who clearly seem to like it.

    • There were too many similarities between us, esp the birth date thing. There HAD to be something different! haha

  2. Amy, there are so many times I read your blog and feel like you somehow got inside my head and typed my thoughts!

    I feel the same way…I absolutely know that I want a family, but it just hasn’t happened yet. It can be difficult to be surrounded by people and Facebookers constantly becoming pregnant or talking about their kids. I love to hear it too, but ya just can’t help and wonder “Why not me?”.

    Our time has GOT to come, I just have to believe that!

  3. I saw that faux FB timeline the other day on and had to laugh when I read it. It’s so true! I totally hear what you’re saying Amy. I’ve gotten to the “when will it be my turn?” phase in my life.

    When I was in high school, if someone asked me how old I thought I would be when I had kids, my answer was 30. When I was 30, in *no* way, shape or form did I want children. I was still a party girl, and I was having lots of fun. Now, at 35, strangely enough (to me), I think I’m ready. Financially, I’m probably not ready, but I think I’m ready for the stickiness and all that comes with having kids. But who know when (or if) it’ll happen.

    Funny. ‘Cause I never thought the “biological clock” thing really existed – but I can feel now that it kinda really does!

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