do you groupon?

There was a post online about what people think about using a Groupon, or other coupon, on a date, especially a first date.

What would my reaction be if my date whipped out a Groupon to *pay* for our drinks or meal or whatever?

Honestly, I really wouldn’t care.  Hell, I love Groupon (and other services like it).  I’ve been on sailing cruises, wine tastings, purchased spa treatments, eaten myself into a cream puff coma – all due to buying Groupons.  I am all about saving a buck if I can.  I don’t think I’m cheap, but I definitely appreciate a good deal.  And if there’s an extra $20 in my pocket, well, that’s another couple glasses of wine or three beers the next night out.

I suppose, though, it would matter HOW he presented it.  If he were to ahead of time say “hey, there was this great deal on Groupon for such-and-such a place today”, I’d think it were great.  I’m not dating someone to drain their bank account on the most expensive food and drinks out there.  I might, might do the head-cock thing if he just whipped out the Groupon when the check came without any mention.  But I certainly wouldn’t hold it against him.  (I feel the need for a disclaimer: I DO NOT expect the man to pay for any and all dates with me.  I’m a big girl with a paycheck.  I can certainly contribute to our slush fund.  I have noticed though, especially on first dates, that men tend to pick up 100% of the check, even when I offer.)

I think the only way I might be offended is if everything we did, ate, or drank was paid for with a Groupon.  I am certainly worth a full priced drink or meal at least once!  Even if I have to pay 🙂




  1. Hey, I pay for full-priced meals (off the Dollar Menu at McDonalds) all the time!

    • Woo hoo! Oh great, now you have me craving McDonalds french fries. Even though I know they don’t decompose, they are still delightfully delish.

  2. You know, I agree. I wouldn’t mind if they positioned it as the set up for the date – I saw this great Groupon deal and thought we could try this restaurant. That’s totally fine. But if it just sort of snuck up on me, I might be a bit surprised, or taken aback. But I love a good coupon… so it’s not like I can judge!

    What’s a funny side note – Chef did a Groupon-type promotion (it was another service) for his restaurant. He said I should buy one. So I did. Well, later that week I brought my friend to his restaurant and intended to use the coupon. He seemed somewhat offended that I wanted to use a coupon at his restaurant!! I was like, well, what was I supposed to do with it? I bought it! He said I could have given it to someone so they could try the restaurant. Which is actually what I was doing by bringing my friend. He wasn’t mad or anything, but it was a really strange exchange. It almost felt like he wanted me to buy it, but not use it. I’m too cheap for such behavior!

    • Haha! I would have done the same thing as you. It’s like “ummm, I bought it to use it!”

  3. We do A LOT of Groupons. A LOT. But my wife does it and she ust calls me and says “Do you want to do ________?”

    I ALWAYS say “No!” before I even hear her, but she has usually already locked us in by the time she gets me.

  4. I groupon sometimes… there are very few for where I live, most are down in the city and lets face it, by the time I pay the gas to go there, I haven’t saved much. So I get the daily deals and daily groupons, but I rarely buy them. I did my zip line adventure through one, and I’m pretty sure that is why it was so crowded.

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