blatant stupidity will never beget my sympathy

I don’t know why I am continually astonished by the horrible behavior of human beings.  This world is crazy full of fucking messed up people.  Today’s case that I am going to write about: the idiot Duke student who wrote a fake dissertation called the F-List, which detailed her sexual escapades (complete with names and pictures) with 13 fellow students, mostly or all athletes, in a powerpoint presentation.  Not only did she create this monstrosity of a document, but then she e-mailed it to her friends?  What the fuck is wrong with her???

It’s one thing to casually tell your friends (verbally) that you had some kind of sexual contact with so-and-so, but to put it in a presentation?  With detailed pros and cons?  And real names and pictures?  And to send out an electronic copy?  Was she that stupid in that she didn’t think it would get forwarded and then forwarded and eventually published and go viral?  Unbelievable.

If she wanted to chronicle these escapades, don’t be a dumb-ass and share it with anyone.  Even if it’s in a journal or written on scraps of paper, don’t include real names, don’t include pictures, and sure as hell don’t let it fall into the wrong hands – did she not learn a lesson from Mean Girls and the Burn Book???

“I regret it with all my heart. I would never intentionally hurt the people that are mentioned on that.”

Seriously, biotch?  You didn’t think this would hurt anyone?  You’re more idiotic than I thought.

I can’t feel bad at all for this girl, because the embarrassment that she caused these guys is unforgivable.  She did it to herself and someone that stupid and selfish doesn’t deserve pity.  Good luck finding anyone to date you ever again.



  1. It’s incredible how stupid (and cruel) some people truly are. But I’m sure she’ll find a guy to date soon enough. I mean, look at that cop in Illinois, Drew Peterson…he’s accused of murdering wife #3 and wife #4, and he’s recently become engaged to a soon-to-be wife #5. I mean, really??? That #5 must have a very, very low self-esteem.

    • Yikes, I didn’t hear about him being engaged again. I can’t even imagine not thinking that highly of myself to *stoop* so low. And if I couldn’t figure it out, my family and friends would slap me upside the head!

      • Apparently, her father told her to choose between himself (and her family) or this alleged murderer. She first chose her family, but then went back to the alleged murderer. Her family doesn’t speak to her anymore, according to Wikipedia. Pretty sad.

  2. This honestly doesn’t suprise me, I think people have burned that feeling of being shocked. Things don’t shock me anymore, I just reply “ha, really!!” The female that did this sounds immature, and I’m pretty sure has some underlying issues that revolve around men. I hope she stumbles upon some common sense and meets a guy that can help her work past her issues. God knows she needs to.

    And as for wife #5, I hope she stumbles upon a large box of common sense before it’s too late. I don’t believe in coincidences, and I’m pretty sure her family won’t either if she meets the same faith as the previous wives #4, #3, #2, #1.

  3. The results of my sexcapades each have their own bedroom. What I don’t get in frequency, I make up for in accuracy and effectiveness.

  4. hahaha, have you seen it? What is so shitty about it was that she pretended to be a decent human being and did all this shitty like behind their backs. At least if you are going to be a bitch, do it up front, to their faces and then it’s their fault if they don’t take you serious.

  5. Eh, I only for sorry for the one with the small penis. The rest have already been forgotten about.

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