me and my ageism

Date Singles Over 50 Near You

This is a solicitation email I have gotten a few times now.  I’m 35, not 50+.  All you spammers need to get your target demos correct.  I work in advertising.  I know there are lists upon frightening lists that have my email, name, address, age on them.  Get the list correct.  Just like when I get all those spam emails addressed to Christopher.  WTF.

But anyway.  Yeah, getting back to dating singles over 50.  I don’t need to join a new dating site for that.  I get plenty of views and winks and emails from men over 50 on Match, thank you very much!

Yes, the men over 50.  It clearly states in my profile that my age range ends at 42.  I picked 42 because I have an unwritten rule that I won’t date anyone older than my oldest brother, who will be 43 in Dec.  But I’ve broken that rule twice with guys who were 12 years older than me (me 25, him 37; me 32, him 44).  I can kind of see how a 45 year old would reach out, hoping that I’ll be open to a few years out of my preferable age ranges.  But over 50 is far out of range.  Also, I hope to have kids one day.  One day, not today, not tomorrow, not in the immediate future.  It’s going to be bad enough that this kid might have a 60 year old mother when he/she graduates high school, but to have 70+ year old father???  Hell no, that’s not what I want for my kid(s).

I just had to rant about the 50+ year olds who think they should date me.  Blurgh.

UPDATE: Just received a wink from a guy with three strikes against him.  Strike 1: he’s 50.  Strike 2: he lives in San Fran, sorry dude, I’m not looking for a pen pal and sure as hell don’t want a long distance love affair.  Strike 3: no picture.  And I might add that his preferable age range is 28-42.  HA!  Is this guy for real?  I’m slightly flattered that he thinks I’m catch enough to wink, but NO NO NO, a million times NO.



  1. dnici

    I feel your pain. I have also received this email. I agree, they need to get their target right. I’m only 23, dating a 50+ man is beyond creepy to me. I also do not understand the mindset of the men that try to talk to you on dating websites when it is clear that you would not be interested in them. Again, I have also been there. It got so bad that I had to set up blocks on my messages so that only people of a specific age range can contact me at all. Best wishes with finding someone good in your target age range.

  2. Ugh… yes, the old guys. No thanks! My reasoning has nothing to do with wanting kids, it’s just well… gross. When I’m in my 40’s, still, a no go. I try to stick closer to my age range these days. Not that I can imagine dating someone 35 either since I don’t feel 35, but I certainly don’t feel 50+!

  3. I got a similar email … I also got an email targeted to gay men between 35 – 50. Um…last I checked, I’m not a gay man. It’s annoying. And I agree, no thanks Mr. Over 50…my mom isn’t even 60 years old yet. That’s just creepy to me that a guy in her age bracket would want to date me. Ewww.

  4. I think I told you about the 65 year-old guy who sent me an email. While I threw up a little (OK, a lot) in my mouth, I wonder if I should give these guys props for having balls the size of a dinosaur? Nah. They’re jackasses and just to let you know… it’s NOT ageism. You deserve someone in your own generation and not your father’s.

  5. Okay ladies, I think I’ve got you beat! I just got one from a 70 year old! 70! Oh my goodness…what is he thinking?!?!

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