thanks for sharing, buh-bye

To paraphrase a fellow blogger, I was shopping for men.  I came across this within the content of a profile of a very physically attractive man:

I’ve spent the last two years recovering from a severe dependence on a sleep med. I’ve been a recluse for about three years (three years ago, I quit smoking and ended a long relationship). Before all that, I was social, gregarious, and charming (I should probably start smoking again). Right now, I live on 75k/yr of trust income, but I’m not employed. I expect to inherit roughly four million someday.

He wrote a lot more in his profile, all of which was appealing.  I just think this piece of info is too much to share.  Thanks for being blunt and completely upfront about your past meds addiction and recluse status.  I’m glad you re-emerged.  It’s nice that you have such a generous trust to live off of and that you’ll inherit millions one day.  (Hey, V, he could be our bankroll to do the base jumping off la Tour Eiffel.  Actually, we’d need something that doesn’t have such a pyramid-y shape… I’m thinking physics and the law of gravity and angles…).  Sidetracked… Yes, anyway, such personal information might best be saved when a firmer base is established with someone.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just me, but seeing that made me want to run the other way.

I mean, seriously, if you’re going to break out some panic inducing info at least wait until you are on a first date going wrong to scare them away.  That’s what I do.



  1. I think we need someone with more than 75K, I mean, that isn’t a lot of money these days, especially with a sizable mortgage. And 4 Mil. eh… really? not that much anymore. Once upon a time, he would have gotten all of that, now after the first of the year, he’ll get less than 2 Mil of it after taxes, and you can’t live off the interest alone like you could one day not many years ago. I think I stand to inherit that much. No, we need big money for our plan. What other higher point in Paris can we use? I mean, the Eiffel tower may be pyramid shaped, but the parachute will drift you out away from the structure.

  2. No, it’s definitely not a lot of money, especially living in NYC. But if he gets off his sorry ass and gets a job and does something with his life, then that can be play money. And we only need him for this Paris trip. We’ll be done with him by then, cause he’ll be too much of a downer and we don’t need that kind of negativity long term. We’ll find someone else after him. We’ll play the other side and use them and dispose of them after they served their purpose.

    I guess the Eiffel Tower would work… I’m not fully schooled in base jumping and the logistics of it 🙂

    • Ya, neither am I, I guess I should put some research hours into that before doing it? lol.

  3. Please tell me you see AT LEAST 17 things wrong with his description. Also… promise me that no matter how desperate or lonely you think you are that this guy is NEVER EVER to show up on your radar. Never. Ever.

    • Haha! OK, Pam, I will not *pursue* this fine catch! I will admit that I am very curious to know if he gets women contacting him. He was very attractive, so maybe some of the vapid women breezed over that part of his profile? I saw it in flashing red lights with a siren going off in my head.

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