National Singles Week :: Sept 19-25, 2010

Yep, it’s our week single ladies and gentlemen!  Woot!

According to, we are in the midst of National Singles Week.

Who knew that we’d have a whole week dedicated to our singledom?  Who knew that this organization existed?  Pretty funny.  Almost as funny to me as National Donut Day (which if you are curious is the first Friday of June each year).

I know many wonderful single people.  People whom I look at and can’t understand why they are single.  The same applies for my fellow singles I’ve met through this blog.  While I thoroughly enjoy reading what they write, it’s been great fun becoming Facebook friends and seeing a bit more of their *personal* lives (as if our blogs don’t get personal enough).  I again wonder how my single blogging friends are still single.  All of these amazing single people!  All personable, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, interesting, well-rounded.  Ugh, it doesn’t make sense.

But for all you fellow single people out there, let’s go out and celebrate ourselves.  Yes, let’s be completely selfish and revel in our freedom.  Take this week and make it all about “me, me, me, single fabulous me.”  Cheers!



  1. Of course it’s the week that I am out of the country… Sigh.

  2. Yay! Now there’s something to celebrate. 🙂

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