aww shucks, we’re no longer friends?

I noticed that CDB is back on Facebook.  How do I know this?  I was in the message section of Facebook, reading and responding to msgs and saw that his photo and name were no longer grayed out on our last FB email correspondence.  He deactivated his profile in mid-April, which is around the time I am assuming he found out he’s gonna be a daddy.  But I guess he reactivated it recently.

what? you no longer want to be my friend? :(Let me now put on my sad face about him de-friending me….ahahahahahahaha.  Yeah right!  No surprise at all that he de-friended me.  What does surprise me is that he hasn’t blocked me completely.  Not that I am going to do anything.  He is undeserving of the time and effort.   The simple fact that I am writing about him now bothers me.  OK, that was it, I’m done.



  1. You should block him, then he can’t see you, and it’s completely unnerving to not know if someone deleted their account or just blocked you. It’s great.

    • I’d actually rather he had full access to my profile so he could see how fabulous my life is without him.

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