not so enamored with cupid anymore

I’ve got two online dating accounts active right now. and OKCupid.  I’ve been having more success with Match, as the guys contacting me on OKCupid are scaring me.  And it’s not even just the men who are reaching out to me, it’s the men that pop up into that feed that tells you all the latest activity from members.

Case in point, I jump onto OKCupid last night.  Granted it was late (12:30AM-ish), but I did NOT expect to be confronted with pictures of male genitalia.  Yea, that’s right, in the feed were two, TWO back-to-back “updates” that two different members had added new pictures of their goods.  This evening I logged on and saw yet two more penis photos.  Seriously?  I guess it’s because Craigslist shut down their adult services section.  I am no prude by any measure, but I do not want to see any of that unless I am 1.) prepared to, 2.) want to, and lastly 3.) am knockin’ boots with ya.

Earlier this week I got my weekly email of potential matches for me from OKCupid.  Included was one guy whose screen name was “#orgasms”.  I didn’t include the actual number because I don’t want any kind of Google search to lead him or someone looking for him to my blog.  But the number was in the high teens.  No joke.  Of course, my natural curiosity rears its ugly head and I have to click on his profile.  I start to read what he wrote and it the content wasn’t nearly as terrible as the screen name would suggest.  He actually said that he is looking for a serious girlfriend, someone to spend holidays with, etc.  There was only one or two mentions of his abilities in the bedroom and prowess and the allusion to how he got his screen name.  Pretty good considering how much content he wrote.  Then I check out the pictures.  The first (and main profile pic) looks like a camera phone self portrait of him and a girl.  It’s grainy.  It’s cropped so all you see are his eyes and nose and half of some girl’s face and she kinda had the “O” face going on.  The second photo is of a disheveled bed.  With some kind of rope/tying up thing going on.  Then there is what looks like used condoms all over the floor.  Ewww. 

Why do they think it’s acceptable to post nekkid pics for unsuspecting people like me?  It’s not like we can filter out *those* people from our searches and potential matches.  Ugh



  1. Oh my – I’ve seen those too…usually late night or very early morning. It’s always a little disconcerting, but I laugh, chalk it up to “it takes all kinds” and move on.

    Free OKCupid is the next stop for all those Craigslisters who can’t use the “adult services” anymore… So I’ve stopped looking at OKCupid late at night and early morning.

    • agirlinsearch, it certainly has changed the landscape of OKCupid. Now I know to expect some gratuitous shots if I jump on late night/early morning. It definitely takes all kinds. I know where to go if I need bootycall like action…

      • I got home from work last night around midnight, and decided to check my OKCupid app on my phone to see what would come up, and sure enough – there it was, top of the “who’s online” search results – a big ol’ phallus as someone’s profile pic. Sigh.

        On second thought, maybe the guy’s just being up front and saying that he’s a d*ck? 😉

        • agirl, I think you’re on to something that these particular men are just being open and honest to their true personalities – lol

  2. The sad thing is they must have some women respond or they wouldn’t keep sending them out haha

  3. This is funny, never made the connection between craigslist and other sites. I guess you will see more crazies on the free sites because of craiglists shutting down adult services! But hey, craigslists’ personals are still up. Those can be friggin hilarious to read. As are Missed Connections 🙂

    • There was a Missed Connection in the Daily Collegian (PennState’s student newspaper) that I sent to Jay Leno’s Headlines that made it on the show. It was really sad/funny. A kid searching for a girl who made repeated eye contact with him while she was eating dinner with her parents. It’s strange the connections people have over little things.

  4. I’ve only ever seen one peen shot on okcupid, I haven’t been on since they shut down craigs list adult stuff. I just can’t get motivated to get on there and check my messages… you aren’t helping.

    • if you’re looking for gratuitous shots of big d*cks, then log on. I’m wondering if these guys are just using screenshots from porn, cause most don’t seem realistic

  5. Yeah, and another downside to OKCupid is that whenever your curiosity gets the better of you and you click over to that d*ck’s profile, your visit gets tracked and added to his “Who Visited Your Profile” list. (“Hmm,” he thinks. “A d*ck photo is obviously working to get me some attention!”) That is, unless you go to Settings > Profile Options > “Browse Anonymously”. But then of course you won’t be able to see who visited YOUR profile either. Thanks, OKCupid!

  6. ughhh…OMG Amy!!!!! I’m SO glad I haven’t come across that yet….ewwwwww.. Seriously, *I* get annoyed when guys post pics w/o shirts even…(but then we all know how old fashioned I am..hehe)..geesh.. I literally refuse to write or respond to anyone with a shirtless photo! I’d be beyond disgusted to see that crude garbage. Does Cupid allow this? cant these pervs be reported and then removed from there? That is out of line on so many disgusting levels…yukk

    • Kay, I’m with you on not appreciating the shirtless photo (unless its taken on a beach or by a pool, but even then…). I don’t want to see your package unless I want to. And I’m certainly never going to want to when you present it to me unsolicited. Ick.

  7. Okay, so my curiosity got the better of me last night (and those 3 glasses of red wine probably helped) so when I logged into OKCupid last night after midnight there was not one, but TWO big peen pics waiting to assault my eyes. So I clicked on ’em. (Oh alcohol, you make me so bold!) Anyway, to my drunkie-self, the profile seemed to be filled out like a joke. The guys had written about sex in every single section. Well, duh, if you’ve got a d*ck as a profile pic, it’s a kind of given that you either like sex or, I don’t know, maybe you really like to pee.

    What was interesting was that this morning, when I woke up around 10am and checked my OKCupid account (so easy on iPhone!) the two penis profiles I had looked at had removed their photos! The profile was still there (they were easy to find because, of course, they had checked out my profile) but their photos were gone. I guess that’s how they get away with it? They don’t keep ’em up for the entire time?

    • You are brave! I think you’re right in that they keep posting and deleting the pics, cause I keep seeing the same people adding the same peen pics. And you can either “hide him” or “report this” for any of those updates.

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