and the search terms for today are…

So, I don’t want to actually type what the string of words were, given it might drive more sickos to my blog.

It included the following: “Penn State vs Alabama” and what Britney, Paris and Lindsey are known for when they exit cars.

And there were two variations of it!  There are some serious pervs out there.  Well, at least two.  Any bets that one of them was our favorite marriage counselor?




  1. Heck. For those three ladies, the search term could be “handcuffs.”

    • Very true and given the propensity of some Penn Staters to get arrested, it’s not such a bad guess. However, the term I was referring to is more risqué.

  2. my usual lately have been “bat shit crazy paint chip eater”… nice. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For the last two dayss it’s been “if facebook existed long ago” and my blog has had hundreds of views to the point of my link being passed around facebook. Friends found my blog that didn’t know I had it, so I took down all my personal stuff that could identify me before I was caught!

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