gearing up for some serious couch potato time

The 2010-2011 broadcast TV season officially kicks off Monday, Sept. 20th.  Once upon a time I would be frantically preparing for all the season and series premieres.  So much to watch!  So much to report!  Ratings!  What are the new hits?  Which shows will flop?  It was my work life from the beginning of Sept until the premieres subsided in mid-October.  But then there were the mid-season replacements and specials.  TV used to be my entire work life.  I couldn’t complain.  It was fun.  I could legitimately sit half the day and watch streaming video of shows and it was work! 

One of the more fun times (minus the actual crazy, frenzied work) was May’s Upfronts and the star-studded and booze-laden network parties.  During my long tenure of working in TV research and upfronts, I got to meet and get pics with boatloads of TV stars.  I have pics with the casts of various ABC (Patrick Dempsey, check; men of Desperate Housewives, check; Alias cast with Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper, check check check!!!!; cast of NYPD Blue, check), NBC , CBS (Survivor casts, check; CSI Miami, check; Dan Marino, Howie Long and Eli Manning for CBS Sports, check) and FOX (Homer Simpson, check; Nicole Ritchie, check; Eliza Dushku, check) shows.  I don’t have any from the CW (former WB and UPN), cause I never went to the parties.   I have a bunch more pics, which someday I will have to scan so I have electronic copies of them, instead of polaroids.  I also have loads of fun stories from these parties.  Mix a bunch of ad people and booze and you can wind up with some crazy stories.  That will be another post.

My work has since been forced into a different, un-TV related area, but I still love me some TV – some of it’s good and some is bad.  Not everything I watch is *quality*, but I do draw the line at watching anything on MTV and E! and the like.

I am really looking forward to the new *official* season to start.  My DVR is going to get quite a workout.  When am I going to have the time to watch all of the shows??  Oh yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, so there’s some free nights.  Unless this online dating thing picks up and sends me some people I’d actually like to date.  But I’m figuring I’ll have a lot more time to watch my shows.

After watching some of the pilots of the new shows last May, I am not that excited about the new crop of shows out there.  I’m curious about CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says, though the clips I saw were not good.  I liked ABC’s My Generation, but it’s that type of serialized drama that appeals to young women.  All of ABC’s new comedies blended together and I couldn’t even fathom a guess what their titles are and what they were about and who was in them.  None were of last year’s Modern Family caliber.  I’ll check out the remake of Hawaii Five-0.

Some shows have become stale – Desp Housewives and Grey’s, I’m looking at you!  But I’ll watch them, of course.  I am looking forward to these shows coming back: Law & Order: SVU, NCIS (thanks to my mother and USA for getting me hooked), Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, America’s Next Top Model (premiered last night and I recorded it, but haven’t watched it yet), The Good Wife, Brother & Sisters, The Amazing Race.

Then on cable there’s Top Chef: Just Desserts.  Yummmmyyyy.  Hoarders is back and you all know I love that show.  Ghost Hunters is back and I want to see a ghost!  Like seriously.  In real life.  And of course, there’s football.  Regular season started tonight for the NFL.  Woo hoo!  Saturday night I can not wait to watch my Lions take on Alabama, even though we’re gonna get our butts whooped.

I am going to resign to the fact that my life is going to be consumed by TV again.  As it does every year.  But at least now it will all be for pleasure and not for work. 

What are you looking forward to returning or premiering? 

Happy TV viewing all!


  1. I have abandoned my stage work and try to spend my evenings working on my pilot(s) in the evening. I am keeping my day job. But, I now feel that I am “all knowing” when it comes to TV…especially comedy…but I know nothing. It is funny how my brain works now.

    $#*! My Dad Says will fail. Shatner is the reason. No matter how well it is written, Shatner can only pull of the Boston Legal character he played.

    NBC’s Community was the surprise of the year for me…

    My boy watches ghost hunters…and that is just retarded…forgive the language…but I can’t help it.

    Somehow, I breezed past the “your” Lions post…how is this possible? I was a local to that area and I moved to an area without a franchise…so that is my excuse.

  2. Haha, I just had my satellite turned off. I haven’t watched TV since I got my new computer. If I wanted to, I suppose I can watch free episodes online. I do use the satellite radio somewhat, but I have pandora, so it’s not necessary at all. I use to be totally addicted to LOST, but that’s over, and the end sucked! So, now I really have nothing I’m dying to see every week.

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