sisters are doing it for themselves

About 2 months ago, I pulled the string on my blinds to raise them and Snap!, the string that pulls the right side of the blinds up breaks.  So now if I pull the string, only the left side goes up.  I let it go for those couple months because I really had no reason to raise them as this summer was hot as Hades and was using the A/C and didn’t open my windows.

This past weekend, I see that I can fix it.  I only need to replace the string.  I grab some string and tie it to one broken end and string it through all the little holes of each slat.  Yay – fixed!  I pull the string and Snap!, it breaks up on top (not the replaced string).  DAMMIT!  Now it’s broken and there is no way to fix it and be able to thread new string through the hardware on top.  Ugh.  Guess it is finally the time to get rid of the ugly blinds and buy and put up pretty curtains.

Luckily, I am pretty handy.  I own tools and know how to use them.  I can hang curtains and install the hardware, but as I was up on the step ladder with the hammer (improvising without a drill) and screwdriver, I kept thinking to myself “wouldn’t it be nice to have some guy do this?”  Sure, I could have given my super $50 to hang my curtains, but I’d rather take that money and spring for a bottle of wine and some sushi.

So, I hung my curtains.  By myself.  Without the help of any man.  But it really would have been nice to have a guy do it for me, while I sat back and sipped wine and noshed on sushi.  I would’ve shared, of course 🙂

With new curtains up and a wonderfully cool night, I open my window.  An open window obviously sends out an open invitation to have a many legged creepy crawly decide to pay me a visit.  I took good care of him.  Offered a nice cocktail of Raid.  Did this all by myself.  And I’m afraid of bugs.


  1. LOVE this and so jealous. When I moved out of my ex’s house, I needed to put curtains up in the new apartment. I was a little different than you though – I don’t own tools, I don’t have ANY idea what I’m doing. I’d been with my ex since I was 18 – I never really had to learn that stuff as a single woman. So, while part of me wanted to tackle curtains in my new place, I also was too scared to try (and fail) and mess things up – the walls, whatever. So I had my sister’s husband come by and do it. Blah, now reading your story I wish I’d at least tried. Props to you!!

    • Thanks, C. I was a tad worried that I’d mess up and leave random holes in the wall, but it’s a rental and I really don’t care. I hung a shelving unit in the bathroom that is the slightest bit crooked. If you put a marble on it, it would totally roll off. Oh well.

  2. Amen!

    When I moved out of the apartment I shared with my ex and into my new place, I accidentally locked my keys (auto-locking door) in my new apartment on my moving day- with all of my furniture and the moving men in the hallway. I freaked out, but a friend told me that a neighbor on the floor above might let me crawl through her window and down the fire escape.

    Well, I knock on the door of this nice old lady with emphezema and explain the situation. The first words out of her mouth were “Oh honey, don’t you have a boyfriend that could climb down for you? Or at least a brother?” Well, while I do have a brother (not in the city) and would love a boyfriend to do that for me, I was it and I was perfectly capable. Two flights down the fire escape later, and my move was back in business.

    We can do anything, even scale buildings.

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