what do the stars have in store for me?

I don’t normally read horoscopes.  I find them completely silly.  But this one almost feels like it talks to me.

Taurus Outlook for 2010 – Romance

Regardless of where your romantic life is, the last two years have seen more than their fair share of stresses and strains. This has probably been due to material and circumstantial issues that have been largely out of your control. The good news is that you’ll be getting a much better handle on where you stand in your own love life this year. Are you getting the love you want, and if not, why not? What can you do to change things? Ultimately, you’ll be able to rest assured that your reputation for being “good” at love and romance remains intact.

If you aren’t currently in a relationship, you can look forward to things changing this year. July through September will see a broadening of your social opportunities, with a real shot at a new romantic connection being made at that time. In particular, there may well be opportunities coming about either at your workplace, or because of what you do for a living (directly or indirectly).



  1. I will say, sometimes I really like reading horoscopes. You never know, right? (I’m such an optimist…) I mean, the moon does affect the oceans and tides and all… that’s pretty powerful energy, no?

    Here’s my fav astrologist Susan Miller’s horoscope for Taurus for August (looks like tomorrow’s a great day romantically for you! Woo hoo!):


  2. I’m a Taurus too! This is good news for us. I don’t usually put much stock in horoscopes, but anything written on a piece of paper that tells me that my love life will improve? I’ll take it!

    Besides, part of it is already true. July is when I started blogging and dating in earnest, increasing my “social opportunities.” We’ll see about that love interest.

    Certainly gives a girl hope.

    • Yay, fellow Bull! Hopefully, this will ring more true with the future predictions and not just the past.

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