rein it in, buddy

This post is about my friend, J’s, story with some over eager guy from

This guy we’ll call Eager Beaver.

The Eager Beaver

Eager Beaver contacts J via email on Sunday saying that he will send her a picture, as he doesn’t have one posted in his profile.  OK.  She receives it and emails him back answering a question he posed in a previous message later Sunday.

On Monday morning, he ignores the answer and just asks “so you didn’t tell me what you though of the picture?”  Now, J doesn’t quite know how to answer this and is thinking to herself (and then to me) “well, it was good enough that I replied”.  I asked her if there was anything special about the pic, like was he scaling Kilimanjaro, was he in front of the Eiffel Tower, was he playing with dogs, something that should stand out.  She sends me the pic.  It’s a picture of him standing in a corner that looks as though it was taken at a wedding.  Nothing especially remarkable that should elicit a special response.  But none the less, she wound up giving him her phone number when he asked if they could chat on the phone.

He then starts to fire off emails with single sentences mid-Monday:
“when is a good time to chat, j- you are sexy, btw” at 12:55
“BTW, what did you write on your return email” at 12:56
“K – glad you thought i was cute!!! when is good to call u later?” at 1
“What hockey team? what time can i call u later” at 1:08
“looking forward to chatting, go islanders….” at 1:33
“You are cute” at 5:20

Now she’s kind of weirded out.  We both are trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s just ADD.  But it’s too much.  She hasn’t even met the guy or talked to him on the phone!

He calls her around 5PM and catches her while she’s on her way out the door for a business meeting.  The conversation went a bit like this, and this is only going by memory of what J told me during our debriefing over sushi:

EB: Hi, it’s “Eager”.  Is this a good time to talk?
J: Hi, actually I’m on my way out the door, but I can call you later.  I have a meeting now and dinner plans.  What time is a good time to call up until?
EB: Anytime!
J: OK, but I might not be home until late
EB: 4AM!  Whenever!
J: [laughs] OK, I’ll call you later
EB: OK, by the way you never told me what kind of hockey fan you are
J: Rangers
EB: Oh, strike one!
J: [laughs] I’m sorry you feel that way
EB: But maybe I can let it pass.  So, you never told me what you thought of my picture?
J: I’m not really sure what you want me to say.
EB: Just what you thought of me
J: Well, it was obviously good enough that I replied…
EB: [disappointed] Oh, OK.  I guess I will talk to you later

So far, today there hasn’t been any communication from Eager Beaver.  I did tell her that she might want to block him on Match.  Mean?  Maybe, but the dude needs to chill out.  He’s coming across way too eager when they haven’t even met.  She received multiple emails from him, plus a text, plus a phone call in one day.



  1. Wow, classic. I almost want to be this guy though, wouldn’t it be fun to be so crazy?

    • OMG, can you only imagine how a guy would react if we, females, did that?

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