chivalry isn’t dead…or is it?

the bailer

So, this poor girl goes to a baseball game with her boyfriend and sitting in left field, tells him “Baby, I’m gonna get hit.”  He assures her she won’t and that if a foul ball is hit into the seats, he’ll catch the ball.  Sure enough, foul ball hit, foul ball flies into the seats, boyfriend…doesn’t catch the ball, but instead, RUNS away!

Boy, and they say chivalry isn’t dead.
I’d like to believe that most modern women are more than capable of taking care of themselves.  We can open doors.  We can pick up tabs.  We can pull out our own chairs.  We don’t need assistance to put on our coats. 
But, it’s sure nice when a man we’re with opens a door.  Walks next to us, not in front.  Helps us with our coats.  Lends an arm/hand while we navigate stairs in stilettos.  It’s those little, simple things that are just nice.
Would it be too much for a man or a date to not run from an errant foul ball and try to protect his lady from being nailed with a hard leather ball?  I don’t think so. 
That video made me chuckle for the sheer absurdity of it and the knowledge that the guy will never live it down.  One of the great things about the internet and viral video.  Do something asinine and it will live on forever to haunt you.  [side note on that fact: thank god there weren’t digital cameras and camera phones when I was younger! ] 


  1. Totally agree! I notice these little things that men do (or fail to do.) This guy at the game is a schmuck and he deserves whatever ribbing he gets from people. That poor girl though…

    Funny how we both brought up chivalry tonight! 🙂

  2. Okay, I don’t know if this is serendipity, the Universe telling me something or what, but this link appeared in my Twitter feed this morning:

    A guy’s point of view on how “Gentlemanly behavior is not universally agreed upon.” And basically that he believes that it’s important for men to be chivalrous! I thought you might appreciate it… 😉

  3. I not only expect the man I’m with to protect me, but if he doesn’t, he can hit the effin road! See ya Jack! Don’t let the foul ball hit you in the head on the way out! I have no patience for men who treat women less than chivalrous! I love a protective man, a little jealous, but not too much, but he needs to worry about me and keep me safe. It’s his job as a man.

    • Exactly! That’s why they’re built bigger…


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