Friendship on Facebook is just wacky

The whole concept of “friendship” on Facebook is crazy. Half the people on my friends list, probably more than half, are people whom I either worked with or went to school (elementary through college) with. I don’t really talk to all these people anymore. But we’re FB friends and if they haven’t hidden me from their news feeds, they know little tidbits of my life. (I do have restricted lists, that include most of my work friends. They only see the bare minimum of my profile pic, my name and my current city. I’m not dumb.)

I find it immensely amusing how my FB friends list is swelling with ex-boyfriends and flings. I received a friend request this weekend from my Costa Rica vacation one night fling. I was in CR four years ago. I was confused with how he found me. I know you can do a friend search using your email address books, however, I am very sure that the email address he had for me was my old hotmail account. An account that I haven’t used and deactivated more than two years ago.

What is really funny is that looking at CR boy’s new “friends”, it seems like a yearbook of his likely flings! It’s mostly young, attractive females from the U.S. LOL. I don’t mind being one of his tourist conquests, after all, I was using him just as much as he was using me. He is a very attractive man, I knew what he was all about.

It’s just so interesting to me how easy it is to reconnect with people from your past. The vast majority of them I have no ill will toward, but I don’t necessarily care about what they are up to in their lives. My life has come a ways from my time with them. I have to hope that their lives have only gotten better, as well. Therefore, “friendship” on FB is such a silly superficial notion. But I am certainly thrilled to get back in touch with some blasts from the pasts. And that is what makes FB an invaluable website in my book.


  1. My college freshman boyfriend contacted me through FB. He sent an email, apologizing for being an ass in 1992. I wrote back and thanked him (didn’t say what he did was OK but thanked him for his apology) and I haven’t heard from him since. So bizarre.

    • That’s really funny, because I’m sure you’ve been holding a grudge for 18 years – HA! Maybe it’s part of a 12 step program – making amends to those you’ve hurt. He obv couldn’t move past it, even though you have.

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