running through life

I’m a runner. I haven’t always been a runner. I only started running in March 2009. You want to know why I started to run, when I used to hate it with every fiber of my being? The answer is a two-parter. Part one, and the main reason, is I got so sick and tired of hearing myself say how much I hated running. Part two, was to show John that I could do it. See, John is a marathoner and while I don’t aspire to run marathons, I wanted to do something that could be a shared interest. Stupid? Kinda. But in the long run (no pun intended), it has been such a beneficial lifestyle change for me. For my health, mind and friendships.

At the end of February 2009, John and I went through break-up #2. During the break-up it came up that he didn’t think we had that much in common. He mentioned running. I heard myself (for the last time) say “I hate running. I’d rather stick needles in my eyeballs.”

By the beginning of March 2009, I was at the gym. Peak time at the gym and I’m waiting in line with 5 other people for a treadmill. The treadmill directly in front of the line opens up and I hop on. For the first 5 mins I walked. Then I started to feel very self-conscious just walking, so I decided to jog. To my surprise, I was able to maintain a jog for 15 mins – by far the longest I’ve ever ran. That day a runner was born.

I decided that I wanted to become a runner. I used to walk the Revlon Run/Walk every year in the beginning of May, but that year I decided I wanted to run it. So I began my training. I ran as much as I could, which was short clips of running in between walking. I was able to run the entire 5K for the Revlon Run/Walk. I was ecstatic.

I joined New York Road Runners. I signed up for a 4 mile race at the end of May. Ran it in what would turn out to be my best time ever, even today. A week later I did my first 10K. Other races went on my calendar. I racked up quite a collection of race bibs and t-shirts.

I was very proud of myself. You want to know who wasn’t? Yeah, that’s right – John. By April of 2009, we had gotten back together. Break-up #2 had only lasted 2 months. I had become something that I never thought I could – a runner – and John couldn’t have cared less. This past March, I ran my first half-marathon to honor my first year of running, I got the bare minimum of support from John. I had to remind him to wish me luck. Meanwhile, when he ran his marathons, I always made sure to wish him luck. This was especially hurtful since he was a runner himself!

But he’s out of the picture and I can take away from it that I tackled something that I never believed I could. I completed my second half-marathon this past May and will do my third in the fall. I still don’t strive to do a full marathon, but I am quite happy with how far I’ve come.


  1. I’ve taken up running now that my ex is out of the picture. It is so liberating. I am doing it to take control of my health and have a better self-body image, but I also used to just HATE it. Now every time I reach a goal – distance or speed- I just feel so amazing!

    Thanks for the comment. Nice to meet you, fellow single gal in the city.

  2. I’ve been a runner for about 17 years now, nearly half my life! I run all distances, but focus on marathons. Congrats to you on becoming a runner! I love the running community and how supportive it is, which is what John SHOULD have been to you. No matter the distance or the time you run it in, it’s a big accomplishment!

  3. You and I are so much alike. By now you know I decided to do a triathlon because my former boyfriend was an ultra runner with a goal to do the Iron Man in Kona. I always felt like a fat slob so I hired a personal trainer and moved forward. The ex-bf said he’d email me some tri training programs and what not. I asked multiple times and never received them.

    When he broke up with me I chose to do the tri anyway. I feel better, look better and am much stronger (both mentally and physically) than I’ve ever been. I sent him a sincere text message the day before the race, thanking him. I’m sure he thinks I’m a psycho but I really don’t care.

    I’m still running and my life is much better. Just like your’s. Boys be damned… we’re running for ourselves.

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