There shouldn’t be “accidents” anymore

There was a blind item on today about a Hills star accidentally getting pregnant. In light of what I just went thru with John accidentally getting this other girl pregnant and news about other accidental pregnancies…I want to know, how does one accidentally get pregnant in this day and age with so many forms of birth control??? Our society has come a long way in terms of safe sex education.

I know I may get a lot of slack for questioning this, but seriously? There’s hormonal contraception, there’s condoms, there’s abstinence (if you don’t know how to have safe sex, you shouldn’t be having it in the first place).

As a woman, as soon as I knew I would be having sex on a regular basis, I went on the pill. I wanted to take responsibility and make sure that on my end, I had things covered. It’s also about using condoms. Double protection against unwanted pregnancies.

Now I get that many women can’t be on hormonal contraception due to medical issues, but by all means use condoms. And you can’t very well use the religious angle, because if it’s against your religion (say in Catholicism) to use contraception, well it’s also against the religion to have pre-marital sex.

There is so much knowledge out there about safe sex and preventing unwanted pregnancies, that it really just baffles my mind that there are so many “accidents”.

It kind of makes me chuckle now when my friends tell me that I am the lucky one, cause it could have been me that John got pregnant and conned into marriage. I laugh because, NO, I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place! I know how not to get pregnant. And I’m certainly not the kind of girl who would “accidentally get pregnant” on purpose.


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