Keep an open mind and HEART

I’ve recently gone through a break-up that wound up being rougher than it should have been. This past week, a very good friend also saw her current relationship end. We’ve spent the past two weeks commiserating about men, relationships, love, heartbreak, expectations, truths, lies and everything else under the sun.

My heartbreak was a result of lies, cheating, and disrespect. Hers was different. The relationship itself held honesty and it just turned out that one person was just not in the right place to be in a relationship.

Even though our break-ups were the result of completely different circumstances, we shared the same feelings of hurt, abandonment. We questioned ourselves (attractiveness, appeal).

Both of us questioned whether or not it was valid to have these feelings. I decided that yes, we had every right to feel the way we do and we’re not crazy, over-the-top drama queens. We felt all these things because simply put – we are human. We have the ability to love and to lose love and to hurt from that lost love.

Possessing the ability to love is a phenomenal thing. Opening yourself up to caring and being cared for is a wonderful feeling. But it’s super scary. If you open yourself up to love, you open yourself up to potentially suffer tremendous heartbreak. The risk is enormous. But humans are wired to take risks and to feel the rush. The rush of new, or even long lasting, love… nothing like it.

As my heart slowly heals and I try to fix my up-ended love life, I still have great hope that I will love again. I haven’t soured on the notion of love. I most certainly will be more cautious in my next relationship. But I look forward to the challenge of finding love again.

I hope that all you newly heartbroken ladies and gentlemen out there are just as optimistic and open to your next relationship and let yourself love without abandon. Because that is what makes us human with a life worth living.


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