oh, to hear them speak

Last night I went to the Philharmonic in Central Park and one of the girls who was there mentioned that one of her boy toys was going to join us. Then she mentioned that he was just as she liked them… barely speaking English. Well, it actually turned out that this native of Colombia does speak English quite well. He’s attractive, very personable, funny – it was easy to see her attraction to him. But listening to him talk reminded me of all the times I had dated foreign men. Men whom I felt more drawn to after they opened their mouths to talk.

What is it about accents that drive women crazy? Especially American women with foreign accents. We’re not talking Boston or NY or Southern here, but bona-fide sexy accents that hint of a fabulous life abroad.

My first “foreigner” fling occurred during my very carefree early 20’s days. I was out with co-workers attending some scotch tasting party at a hip new club, when my friend/co-worker and I met some guys. We soon found out they were here from Germany for a 6-month working stint. Well, sure enough that 6-months was coming to an end that very week. But for the night, my friend and I enjoyed the attention and accents and kisses of these fun German boys. We kept in touch after they returned home via email, but as usual something so fleeting was sure to fizzle quickly. And the accents didn’t carry over email. Oh well.

The next adorable accented guy was one of our neighbors up north. Hailing from Vancouver he was a firefighter here right after 9/11. I met him out at a bar and was instantly taken by his very good looks, but also charmed by his “eh’s” and “bee-yah’s” (beer).

Next were the Brits. The first was a former MI-5 officer – my very own James Bond. Tall, dark, handsome. Yummy all around. Despite the fact that I didn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, he was quite fun to play with. For over 2 years we tried to get together if he was in NY or I was in London. Having grown up in London, he had a fantastic, crisp British accent and soft voice. Heaven to listen to. On a trip with a friend to London, we met a group of fun, cute guys on the tube. I went on to have a long distance relationship with one of those blokes. He was from Liverpool. Paired with adorableness, listening to him was joyous.

My next accented man was Irish. Fun to talk to, sometimes a bit difficult to understand. He was a lovely person who loved to talk, but ultimate incompatibility led to a quick demise of us.

One of my favorite accents came from a vacation fling down in Costa Rica. I allowed myself to be picked up by one of the guides on our zipline tour. He happened to also be our driver and he invited me to sit up front with him on the drive back so we could chat. He spoke English well, but with a sexy edge. I won’t forget him, and I suspect neither will many other women who are lucky enough to meet him.

I might be forgetting someone here, but if I am, I am sure that even though I don’t remember him, I probably loved to listen to him talk. It’s been a long time since I’ve dated or had a fling with a foreign accented man, but I eagerly await the next time.


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